Thursday, December 20, 2007

Under Pressure.

I'm still wondering if I managed to pull it off completely. I think so - but I was a little concerned when my fellow guest, Plaid Cymru AM, Helen Mary Jones said I seemed unusually relaxed on the S4/C programme, CF99 last night. I will own up now though. I'd been out for a celebratory dinner in Cardiff Bay with Mrs D before last night's programme. I've been checking today- but no-one mentioned anything about me being 'flushed' or 'garrulous' or 'tired and emotional'. In fact, I thought it was a rather good programme. After all, Helen Mary is a Montgomeryshire girl. I've always liked her - and I find it very hurtful that she is always so dismissive of the Conservatives.

But back to the reason for my breaking my rule of abstinence before appearing on television. It was a significant birthday. Mrs D and I had been out celebrating the fact that I was alive. December 19th, five years ago was the day I went under the knife at the Shropshire Nuffield to redesign things after removal of a diseased part of my body. Five years is the survival period that is usually interpreted as 'full recovery'.

And back to the programme. We were looking back on 2007 - and in particular the forming of a Coalition Government in the National Assembly. My view is that it will survive until 2011, but with increased fretchedness as the Assembly election approaches. I said that Id been very disappointed when it was formed, hoping that the so-called 'Rainbow Coalition' would have prevailed. I also said that I hoped that there would be another chance for a Tory/Plaid (with or without others) Coalition in 2011. I can see that it depends a bit on who takes over from Rhodri Morgan in 2009. If Carwyn Jones takes over, the red/green team will look stronger - but if Andrew Davies, or Leighton Andrews (who I think of as the dark horse) take over, I see a big opportunity for us. Helen Mary was completely rubbishing the idea that Tories and Plaid can ever do a deal - completely ignoring the fact that the two parties actually did such a deal in May, before the Lib Dems sank it. I hope Vaughan and Bethan will forgive me for taking on board a relaxative drink before appearing on their flagship programme. Promise never to do it again - unless its December 19th again.


Normal Mouth said...

A milestone. Good for you.

Anonymous said...

I watched the programme and you were the same asd usual so either you disguised the alcoholic consumption very well or you are always pissed when you appear on television

Glyn Davies said...

NM - I suspect that it was a big issue for Mrs D as well, even if we didn't really talk about it.

anon - you are too kind.

Anonymous said...

Now you're rewriting rewritten histories with your summary of the collapse of the rainbow! Naughty.

With every month of Labour and Plaid working together, the chances of a Plaid/ Tory coalition fade ever further. Welsh Tories need to wake up to the idea that they need to change even more to present a realistic alternative to Labour-Plaid pact - and force the Lib Dems to wake up to their responsibilities too. And if all that's too much to ask, then just accept Wales is gonna be run by red-green coalition for ever and a day.

Glyn Davies said...

anon - not sure what you mean about rewriting history concerning the collapse of the 'Rainbow Coalition'. As far as I know there was a general agreement between leaders of three parties - which needed to be endorsed by two of them. (The Conservatives were content to support the deal without wider member endorsement). Of course, Plaid agreement wasn't certain - but if Ieuan Wyn Jones had recommended it, most people think Plaid members would have gone with it. But the Lib Dems had an endorsement system that required a supportive vote by the Party's Executive Committee first. This could not come to a conclusion - so Mike German pulled out. The majority of his party were so cross with this decision that they called a membership meeting anyway and approved it. But the moment had passed - and Plaid simply did not dare risk a deal with partners so unreliable as the Lib Dems. So red/green was born and the 'Rainbow' was sunk.

Now what is rewritten history about that!

Super Jim said...


Dissapointed that you continue to re-write history on this one, or perhaps to be more charitable to you perhaps you've just been out of the Bay for too long.

Yes the Lib Dems messed up and destroyed the best and inital chance for the rainbow, but be fair to them their members meeting vote meant that the moment hadn't completely "passed" in the eyes of the Tory and Plaid leaders down the Bay.

Work was being done on how to implement the All Wales Agreement between the three parties after the Tory agreement and after the Lib conference. This is known down the bay, yet it's been ignored in the Plaid re-writing of history, which you seem to have accepted.

Glyn Davies said...

super jim - I still do not believe that I'm rewriting anything. Perhaps I should have said that the 'optimum' moment had passed. Of course there would have been serious efforts by the Consevatives who favoured the 'Rainbow' and the Lib Dems to keep the dream alive after the latter's Conference backed it - but the balance of opinion in Plaid Cymru had changed. The optimum moment, which turned out to be the only moment had passed. A majority went with Labour, and the Rainbow disappeared.