Sunday, December 02, 2007

Enjoyable Reading

I've just followed a link from Iain Dale's Diary to this piece by Mathew Parris in the Times. I think its a bit over the top but its a very enjoyable read for anyone with Conservative sympathies.


Frankie said...

Another read you might find interesting is in a rather tacky tabloid magazine called 'Closer'. A daughter of friends of ours works as a freelance journalist for this mag and sent this article and photos to her parents of our esteemed MP Lembit Opik once again making a total arse of himself. The man has lost all sense of propriety and the sooner you topple him Glyn, the better for Montgomeryshire. The poor guy has just become an embarrassment.

Glyn Davies said...

frankie - I've never heard of 'Closer'. But it doesn't sound like my sort of magazine. I can well imagine what the particular article is like though.

frankie said...

As I said, tacky mag. Think along the lines of 'Hello' mag and the famous article about Lembit and his 'Cheeky' girl (YUK)and you get the drift.