Sunday, December 30, 2007

Highs and Lows

Just visited Sanddef's blog where he asks us to consider our high and low points for 2007. My extremities are personal - losing my National Assembly for Wales position in last May's election and the birth of Ffion, our first grandchild. But these things are of little interest to you, dear readers, even if they have changed my life, both in what I do with my time and how I think about things.

On happenings in the wider political world, which is what I think Sanddef was referring to, I think that the Conservative Party becoming electable again on the first week in October was my high point - while the evaporation of the Rainbow Coalition, which would have ejected the Labour Party out of the Government of Wales, was my low point. If I'd been elected last May, I would have done everything I could have to bring the 'Rainbow' into existance, and been near to despair . So near and yet so far. Labour hegemony rolls on while Wales suffers. And what of next year. Perhaps I'll post on this tomorrow.

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