Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Battle of the Trousers

I see another story in today's Daily Mail about my opponent at the next General Election, the Lib Dem MP, Lembit Opik. I know its not sensible practise to give publicity to one's opponent, but there was one line that caught my eye in particular - and that was the reference to his wearing high-waisted trousers. What's so interesting about this you might ask. Well, I have some personal experience of making tough decisions on this important issue.

Some 5 years ago, my internal drainage system was redesigned - incidental to the removal of a colorectal tumour. I acquired a stoma - bang on my waistline. I spent an experimental period alternating between hipsters and very high-waisted trousers, held up by bracers. I wore the high waisters for a while, mainly because I lost so much weight that my hipsters wouldn't stay up. As the pounds returned over the next year, I reverted to low waisters - even if there is a danger of looking a bit like Coco the Clown for someone with legs as short as mine.

Anyway, Montgomeryshire voters will have a genuine choice at the next election. They can either plump for a Lib Dem who wears high-waisted trousers - or a Tory who doesn't. I don't suppose many other constituencies in the UK will be offered a that choice.


Dr. Christopher Wood said...

What a 'heart warming story' - there's no-way, no-how that the sensible people of Montgomeryshire will not vote for the Tory who doesn't wear high-waisted trousers.

The good people of Montgomeryshire know that real brains doesn't come in ball shaped packages, but in grey matter that cares - like what you have Glyn. So chin-up, you should be planning your "I just won it from Lembit" speech.

Anonymous said...

Mi fydd 'na ddewis arall yn yr etholiad, Mr Davies!

Glyn Davies said...

arwyngroes - wrth gwrs - ond 'dw i ddim yn gwybod pa fath o drwsers bydden nwh'n gwisgo.

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