Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The 'Dark Side' of Mick Bates.

I've decided to forgive Edna Mopbucket, the Assembly cleaner and overlook her obsession with 'celebrity'. Lucky I called her, because she gave me another interesting little tit-bit. I couldn't believe it at first. But I checked it out. Must admit I suspect she had gone to this meeting hoping to bump into the 'chip paper autographer' only to find that his 'strictly come dancing' partner, Mick Bates was the speaker. Even though it was a meeting about affordable housing, for some utterly bizarre reason Mick decided to tell the assembled guests how he used to cope with unruly pupils when he had been a teacher. Apparently he had used his 'dark side' for motivation.

Edna told me that Mick Bates told his audience that he imagined going to school with a gun and shooting all of the children. I'm not kidding. This was the 'dark side' coming out. As I understand it (and I'm not sure Edna understood the psychology here) Mick then had a base point against which to measure his approach to control and discipline. I don't think there were many psychiatrists in the audience because Edna says that people were looking mystified by his train of thought. Of course, she is easily impressed and disparagingly drooled that Mick was speaking on so high a plane that no-one else could understand. I told her she should be grateful Mick Had retired from teaching. I wonder how he prepares for an Assembly debate. I hadn't realised what mortal danger Assembly Members are in. Have to admit that I made up the bit about 'strictly come dancing' partners!

Sorry - but I can't get the hand of linking to previous posts. Must have another word with Sally.


Cheezie said...

all this time with Edna, people will start talking!

Miss Wagstaff said...

I hope you've bought Edna a brand new mop and bucket for Christmas as she deserves it.

I need your help, Glyn, regarding my post on former Assembly Members. Only Rod Richards,Tamsin Dunwoody,Richard Edwards,Delyth Evans and Tom Middlehurst remain.

You could always ask Edna if you get stuck.

Glyn Davies said...

cheezie - she's just a friend.

MW - Apart from meeting up with Tamsin on AM/PM last week, I haven't seen much of them.