Thursday, December 06, 2007

Its Party £ime

Senedd cleaner, Edna Mopbucket's been on the phone again. This time she's complaining about not being paid her dues. She tells me that there have been more celebrations going on in the offices of the National Assembly than usual this Xmas. Last week, she happened to be passing a room where a cross party group were discussing big increases in AMs salaries - probably backdated to the Assembly Election last May. Ms Mopbucket couldn't pick up everything, (despite having her ear up against the door). The hearing aid doesn't work so well when all these expensive new blackberries are switched on. And there was too much laughing and cheering and popping of 'bubbly' bottles. But she did hear someone shout "A toast to the LCO - more powers means more money". Biggest laugh was when somebody said "It 'Hain Money' ". Someone else proposed '£comoney'. In the end they went for 'Legislative Competence Order Fiscal Adjustment' (LCOFA) - because it had a more appropriate 'tone' about it.

Ms Mopbucket only rang me for a good whinge. Why should she have all this extra work clearing up the empty Dom Perignon bottles, Nobby's Nuts packets, and Ferraro Rochet boxes - when she doesn't have any extra money at all. Bitterly she moaned, "More powers means more money for the favoured few - and sweet FA (financial adjustment that is) for Ms Mopbucket". If she carries on like this, she might get a job as a Government Spad.


Anonymous said...

how much extra are they getting? and what extra are they doing for it?

John Frost said...

Given the poor budget settlement any increase for AMs would go down like alead balloon with the public. Have they got a death wish? At this rate Glyn you can argue for extra powers until you are blue in the face when the referendum comes I would be more worried about abolition.

Miss Wagstaff said...

Where would we all be without Edna Mopbucket?

On a different subject, I could do with a little Conservative help on my 'Former Assembly Members' post.

Pippa x

Glyn Davies said...

anon - we will have to wait and see, but Edna said they were in a very good mood - so its clearly not peanuts.

John frost - prepare for the descent of a lead balloon. Abolition will not be on any referendum paper.

MW - I'll check it out tomorrow.

S O Davies said...

Abolition might not be on the ballot paper but a'no' vote would be a disaster. Isn't about time we had fresh faces in the Assembly and limited the term of office to 2 or possible 3 terms?

Glyn Davies said...

S O Davies - I agree about the devastation that a No vote would deliver - but I don't agree on the idea of two or three terms. I might thing theer is need for more change - but voters should be free to decide these things.