Sunday, December 16, 2007

No drooping at the Roberts' this Xmas

Now why hadn't I thought of it before. It is so damn obvious when you think about it. But it took an article by Catherine Evans in today's Wales on Sunday to bring it to our attention. She reports that a 45 year old hypnotherapist from Wales named Ray Roberts has been feeding Viagra to the family Xmas tree to prevent it 'drooping'. It seems that wife, Maureen was keen to try something a little different to avoid the traditional, emotional disappointment inflicted upon her spirit by the annual Xmas tree 'droop' in the Roberts household.

The subject was preying on Ray's mind when he went down to the pub for a pint, and in desperation, he asked his mates for ideas which might help him put a sparkle back in Maureen's Xmas. One of them advised him to try Viagra and decorate it with tinsel and shiny baubles. It so happened that Ray had some of the diamond shaped little blue tablets to hand, and so he crushed one of them up and sprinkled it over the tree. I suppose he just washed it into the roots. Whatever, three weeks later the tree is standing as proud as the needles on an angry Norwegian porcupine's back. Another little problem solved - and much more joy and contentment will be had by all. A really important scientific breakthrough. Thank you Catherine. Thank you Ray.

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Anonymous said...

perhaps Ray should have a fewc'stiff drinks' to help him over christmas.