Saturday, December 15, 2007

Buying a Talking Parrot

A man walked into a pet shop in Cardiff with £1,000 to spend, intent on buying a talking parrot. He spotted one that he liked - but was told it cost £2,000 because it was fully bilingual. He couldn't afford that. So he spotted another one he liked - but was told it cost £3000 because it was trilingual.

"OK", he said, "I'll take that big scruffy one by the door that looks as if it was just dragged in off the street. Nobody could possibly want that thing".

"Sorry Sir, but that will cost you £4,000.

"Why. Does it speak four languages?"

"No. But it does drone on for hours on end, and no-one can make any sense of what it says - and the other two call it First Minister."


alanindyfed said...

However, as he had only 1000 pounds to spend he could listen to 25% of the parrot's tirade and forget the rest.

Glyn Davies said...

Alan - he would be better off keeping his £1000 and going down to the National Assembly, where he can hear nonsense of all sorts entirely free of charge.