Monday, December 24, 2007

Season of joy (with a minor irritation).

I know, I know. Its Xmas Eve and I should be full of nothing but good humour and goodwill towards all. And so I was - until I visited my blog to find a comment from anonymous telling me how much he or she supports the employees of Virgin Atlantic in their campaign for a better pay and conditions.

I've checked that none of my family are visiting this site before tomorrow (as it happens they're all in the next room as I type this). So I'll share with you knowledge of the Xmas gift I've just wrapped up for Mrs D - and you're not going to believe it. I'm giving her tickets to travel. I decided a couple of weeks ago that she needed a break in the sun - so I bought a holiday for us. And you've probably guessed. We are supposed to be flying to Barbados at 12.50 on January 9th - out of Heathrow on Virgin Atlantic Airways. Three days after I paid for the holiday, I heard on BBC News that Virgin Atlantic crews were going on strike on January 9th - and that Heathrow would be particularly affected. Well excuse me. I daresay the crewmen have got a strong case - but just at this red hot moment, I'm not overwhelmed with sympathy for it.

But despite this small blemish on my mood, I wish all those who visit my blog a joyous Xmas - and may all your presents be loved (and unaffected by industrial action!). Happy Christmas.


Dr. Christopher Wood said...

Happy Xmas Glen and a politically prosperous 2008!

Sam said...

I see the Dr was bit off message on the 25th -Glen - who is Glen.
Nadolig llawen Glyn.

Glyn Davies said...

sam - I've been called a lot worse than that.

Glyn Davies said...

- a blwyddyn newydd dda i bawb.

Dr. Christopher Wood said...

Hoots for the typo!