Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Dragons' Eye tomorrow

Edna Mopbucket is not good in a crisis - especially when she is still recovering from listening to Peter Hain at the ITV Awards last night. I've posted before about her obsession with celebrity - and she has had this thing about Peter Hain since she saw some film of him with long hair when he was in the Young Liberals. She said his speech was the worst that she has ever heard. She happened to be tidying up behind Helen Mary's table when he made that appalling crack about Laura Anne Jones being the 'AM to watch'. She almost took a smack in the mouth in the backwash.

Anyway she rang me in a panic. She was cleaning outside the Dragon's Eye studio and heard Rhun say something about tomorrow night's programme. Dragon's Eye are funny about leaks and she's afraid of what might happen. That Carl Roberts fellow is built like a 'heavy'. All she would say is that I should not miss the programme and that it was to do with my chances of election in Montgomeryshire. I would say more, but Edna rang off, telling me that she would not be contactable until after then programme has been broadcast.


Anonymous said...

five posts in a one day, glyn. i cant keep up. i liked the one about the high waisted trousers best. perhaps this is what dragons eye are uncovering this week. the programme should give you recognition fot your suppoprt. allyour readers will be watching

EdnaMB said...

Glyn, you know you have my mobile number , its just my mobile phone is steam powered. That Peter Hain has been on to me to joining his team and keep an eye on his accounts and his speeches, who told him I was working at Sattchi before I took up this more lucrative cleaning job.
But of course what people don’t realise is I make my money picking up tit bits and writing for private eye.
yours as ever Edna MB

Glyn Davies said...

anon - I'm out at a dinner - so I may miss it. Let me know if you think it would be of interest to me.

ednamb - we'll meet up for a coffee next week. I'm down in Cardiff to do CF99 on Wed - with Adam Price. So if you have any snippets about Adam, give me a ring.

Anonymous said...

Hanging baubles on his girlfriend's ears! The more he carries on like this, the more you're likely to win. Rhun gave his a tough time on the programme and our boozy celebrity addict MP gave his usual weasel words. He genuinely doesn't get it! Perhaps he will when he's no longer an MP. He's a laughing stock, yet tries to portray himself as interesting and different. Every time he appears on a programme like this or in a magazine or newspaper - did you see that one of him dancing with his scantily clad partner? - he ups your chances of winning.

Dr. Christopher Wood said...

Glyn, with every action you take and every task you complete you are building momentum. Now this is probably “suck eggs to you”, but at some point (and you probably have reached it) everybody that matters in Montgomeryshire will have you on their radar screens.

The good folks of Montgomeryshire are going to want to be part of your momentum and they will come out and vote for you. Timing is important as you must know. Your specialized knowledge on issues that matter to the voters of Montgomeryshire will be critical. You must not take your eye off that ball – especially on the run up to the election. It is critical that you don’t spread yourself thinly on the home run. That you remain focused on the issues that matter to the voters of Montgomeryshire.

The voters of Montgomeryshire must feel that you are focused on them and that means focused on issues that matter to them. Don’t forget who your target audience really is: the good people of Montgomeryshire. Remember that and you will win handsomely against balls for brains. Right now your momentum is building up exposure, but you need to turn that into voter loyalty.

It is good that the voters of Montgomeryshire see that you are a big player in Welsh Politics, but don’t ever let them think you are focused more on wider Welsh politics than on them. They must feel they own you, and once they feel that they own you they will be loyal to you, you must be in that ball park. You must not take your eye off that ball. Once they are loyal to you, they will vote en masse for you. Your goal is not a win by a whisker, but a landslide win. That is your goal, and I believe it will happen for you if you keep your eye on building voter loyalty.

Once the voters of Montgomeryshire feel they own you, they will be loyal to you and vote en masse for you. I feel it in my bones. I feel it in my gut. I predict you will win by a landslide.

sad of Fochriw said...

what a damp squib that interview was
Mans a fool and sadly thinks he is doing well.
Are people really that taken with his cheeky girl
I want to be a character and a politician he said - which one is the tax payer paying for

Glyn Davies said...

sad, christopher and anon - everyonre tells me it was a non story. He'd been promoting it as a big interview in which he was going to lay into his own party - a sure fire way to get some personal publicity. Everybody tells me it was a 'damp squib'. Not sure what benefit it produced. It won't work with the BBC again.

alanindyfed said...

There is little doubt that Glyn will win.
The pity is that he will not win for Plaid and Cymru!

Glyn Davies said...

alan - if I do win, I think it will be for Wales. I can guaretee you that I will never become drawn into the Westminster 'village' and lose sight of my duty to Montgomeryshire and Wales.