Friday, December 14, 2007

Reflecting on life.

Pig of a cold and not been having enough sleep because of an annoying tickle. Been feeling miserable and sooooo tired. But had to be down to Cardiff today for the second meeting of the Wales Advisory Board of the European Care Group. I chair this Board and didn't want to cry off. I can see the area of how we look after elderly, vulnerable, difficult to handle and mentally ill people becoming an increasingly important interest for me. The European Care Group is the sixth biggest provider in the sector in the UK, and is growing rapidly.

After the meeting went up to the Rhondda Valley where ECG have two large homes. Went into the adjoining 'secure unit' on the same site by mistake. We walked in easily enough but couldn't get out without asking reception to open the door!! I was deeply impressed in a 'moved' sort of way when I was taken on a tour of the LD (Learning Disability) units. The dedication needed and shown by the staff is something to behold. And I don't think I'd fully grasped the sheer cost of this provision before today. It can be up to £500 per person per day. I came home tonight and my 10 week old granddaughter, Ffion was there - and I've been doing some bathing, feeding and cuddling up. I couldn't stop thinking how lucky I am - and I still can't as I blog. There are people who live such a limited life because of their disability - and caring for them must be such an incredibly testing and stressful job. I've still got a 'tickle' and I'm not going to sleep well again tonight. But I do not feel hard done by at all.


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that you have an interest in the elderly and the vulnerable Glyn.
Hope you can get ECG to build much needed Care Homes here in Montgomeryshire especially in the Dovey Valley!!
Have a rest this week end, hope your cough is better.
Enjoy your blog,keep up the good work!!

Glyn Davies said...

anon - very interesting issue. Because of the way local government finance is arranged, Powys County Council would not want new care homes built. The same dynamic applies in all other areas as well. If a new care home is built, the owners would want to fill it immediately - and this sometimes means some residents coming into the area from outside the borders of Powys. If the wealth of these residents falls below £19,000 (or thereabouts) the cost falls onto the local Ciunty Council. I have discussed this with the Council already, and fully understand their position. So it is important to identify need in the local area before building new capacity if we are to retain the Council,s support.

Dr. Christopher Wood said...

Glyn: when you are running (e.g., preparing for the marathon) do you use a scarf wrapped around your neck and mouth (not too tightly of course)? Breathing out through the scarf causes inward coming air to be warmed up some.

I once cycled between Combe Down then English Combe and Bath University. During the winter - I got such a bad spout of coughing and felt ill, but as soon as I switched to breathing in/out through a scarf while cycling in cold damp weather the problem went away. Might sound daft, but when outside it might help you to always have a scarf around your face and neck - also if you start to loose weight unexpectedly and/or have night sweats, see a medical doctor ASAP.

Glyn Davies said...

Christopher - I have not cycled since my lower bowel resection 5 years ago. I'm sure you will understand why!!

Dr. Christopher Wood said...

Your bowels have had their issues, but one thing for sure, your brain has none - keep up the good fight Glyn and trounce the man with balls for brains!