Saturday, December 29, 2007

Down with Supermarkets.

I've been going on so much about how beautiful Montgomeryshire is that Edna Mopbucket decided to spend Xmas amongst us. Met her for a coffee today and she told me a damn funny story. She was driving into Welshpool just before Xmas when she picked up a 'pedestrian' walking into town.

"What's so important that you must walk into town in this rain", asked our Edna.

"Must get to the new Sainsbury's before it closes for Xmas" was the reply.

"Last minute shopping I suppose".

"Yes, but not for me. I'm shopping for an important local dignitary who wants some things from Sainsbury's, but who has made such a hoo-hah about supermarkets damaging Welshpool that this person is unable to be seen entering a supermarket in person! I'm just helping out."

Actually the quote is not entirely accurate, in that Edna did tell me who it was. Funny thing was that she thought this was perfectly normal behaviour. She has obviously been spending too much time listening at keyholes in the National Assembly for Wales!


Anonymous said...

give us a clue who.

Glyn Davies said...

anon - My lips are sealed. It would cause unnecessary offence. And the story is single sourced. The ambition of this bolog for 2008 is that nothing has to be retracted.

Anonymous said...

Can only be Mick Bates!

Glyn Davies said...

anon - If it was Mick Bates, I'm sure Edna would not have minded me going public with the name.