Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Dean of Berriew.

Mrs D and I have been down to St Mary's Church in Welshpool tonight for the seventeenth Carol Service arranged by Welshpool Fire Service. The music was provided by Porth-y-Waen Silver Band. We went to the Westwood for supper afterwards - which meant that we exited via the main gate. Last time we did this was on 26th July 1969 - our wedding day. Not easy to be romantic as we recalled the last time we walked down the steps. No problem tonight but 37 years ago, she tripped up as she was entering the back of the wedding car and fell flat onto her back. Better not repeat what I said. The Westwood is pretty good.

Last carol up tonight was 'God rest ye merry gentlemen'. I was pleased that the carol's name had not been altered.. A few years ago the Dean of Llandaff would not allow these words to be sung. He insisted that the words be changed to 'God rest ye merry people'. This bit of nonsense became a big story and 5 Live phoned me at home at 11.30 on Xmas Eve to debate the issue. I wasn't at my best because I had partaken of an unspecified number of tinctures by then. Actually, the 5 Live researcher hadn't done his homework because for some bizarre reason I was introduced as the Dean of Berriew. I recall it not being easy for me because I could hear the family howling in the next room. I didn't have the heart to correct things - so there are possibly several people across the nation who still think that I am a dean in my spare time. Anyway, well done Welshpool Fire Station. I will send them a Xmas card tomorrow. Haven't decided if I will describe myself as a dean or not.


Dr Pedanto said...

It's actually "God rest you merry, gentlemen", not "ye".

Accusative case, not nominative, as it means "God keep you merry, O gentlemen".

Oscar said...
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Anonymous said...

very funny story that, I like it.

Who is the pedantic twit called Dr Pedanto, some one from the panto perhaps?

Glyn Davies said...

Thinks - I'll never make the same mistake again. How could a 'dean' have got it so wrong?

Glyn Davies said...

anon - and absolutely true - except that Mrs D insists that she didn't trip up. She went to sit on the back seat of the wedding car and for some reason missed the seat and fell flat onto her back. Perhaps she's the one commenting as dr pedanto.