Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Xmas Day

St Stephen's Day (as the Irish always call it), and gradually recovering from yesterday's excess. Been down to the Boxing Day meet in Welshpool this morning (separate post) and calling in on my blog this afternoon. But back to yesterday. Started off rather more gently than usual. We went to Church on Xmas morning for the first time ever. Youngest son's fiancee, Adrienne is a good Irish Catholic girl, and she led us down the path (or aisle) which is likely to become a new family tradition. And it was the first chance I've had to sing 'While shepherds watched' this year. Being a shepherd myself, I particularly like this carol.

And then on to another new tradition. Out of the magnificent Berriew Church and into the adjacent Lion Hotel for a glass of punch. I sometimes think it would be so much easier on the family if we all went out for lunch together on Xmas Day. Easier yes - but not as enjoyable. Watched the Thomas Crown Affair in the afternoon - which is as easy watching, intellectually unchallenging and stomach settling as you can get. Later, we took Ffion out for a walk around the garden in the dark - and I dipped into some of my Xmas presents. This involved a start on my new store of nougat and turron (which I cannot resist) and reading one of my new books. Choice was either Joe Calzaghe's autobiography or Michael Dobbs' trilogy of Francis Urquart novels. I really should have read these before. If I'm going to cope with the skulduggery that infects the Westminster snakepit, I'd better start to learn the ropes.

Funniest minute of the day was watching eldest son having a fight with the TV. These new interactive games are incredible. Edward was standing in front of the screen throwing jabs and hooks - which were landing on the face and torso of a character on the TV. Four straight lefts and he'd won by a knockout. Later, the boys were playing tennis and golf against the TV screen. Amazing. Finished the day really into Mr Urquart. Worrying thing is that I don't find him that far fetched. I've seen a bit of this sort of thing already.

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Anonymous said...

It ain't just the Irish who call it Saint Stephen's Day... There are some Welsh people too!