Thursday, December 20, 2007

Big Plus for Clegg.

I read in today's Telegraph that the new Lib Dem leader, Nick Clegg had never heard of The Fairytale of New York or the Pogues who sang it - or about the BBC's stupid decision to ban the words 'faggots' and 'sluts'. No pathetic attempt to pretend that he was into the Arctic Monkeys or similar. The man has won the respect of this blog.


Dr. Christopher Wood said...

Doesn't pretend to believe in God either, and is bringing up his children as Catholics.

Anonymous said...

probably the only school with no immigrants in

Dr. Christopher Wood said...

Has anyone read Mark Hooper’s letter published today (21 Dec, ’07) in the Cardiff Echo newspaper? Anyone reading this site can read it by going to the icWales website at:

Just click on "Letters" box on the RHS of the icWales screen and scroll down to the "SOUTH WALES ECHO LETTERS" section and Mark Hooper's letter made the #1 letter-spot.

Glyn: this story has "Lib-Dem-traction", just in the wrong direction (for the Lib-Dems). But wait for some new triple X story on Lembit coming out soon ... to bury the media heat that is coming from Mark Hooper c/o the Western Mail and Cardiff Echo.

Glyn Davies said...

Christopher - it is a good story - especially when you think of the fuss made when some nonentity in the Rhondda switchewd from us to Labour in the summer. But there is a bit of the "Well its only the Lib Dems."