Sunday, December 09, 2007

Ffionski's Debut

Knackered again today - but in a nice way. Just like I used to feel after a hard game of rugby, a few hours heavy digging or running a half marathon. (I felt terrible after the one marathon I ran). This morning I took part in the Newtown Santa Run. And so did No 1 son, Edward and little Ffion. At 9 weeks old, I think she is the youngest ever competitor to complete the 4 mile course.

The run is something of a family affair for us - and if Dr Christopher had commented about the four generations yesterday, we would have roped Norm, Ffion's great gran who watched the race into the photograph.

Ffion made her TV debut today. I did an interview (my first silent movie) and the cameraman stuck his lens inside the pram. You won't see it on BBC Wales because it was a crew from Russian TV. Tonight, we've been calling her Ffionski Davieshenkovo. We finished the course in a respectable 45 minutes.

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