Thursday, May 24, 2007

What a Bl***y Shambles

Once upon a time, in the ancient kingdom of Cymru, three cute little bears lived in a big glass palace in the City of Cardiff. They were bullied for many years by a big grizzly bear called Rhodri, who lived with his gang in posh offices on the top floor, and ruled the whole kingdom. The cute little bears were called Green Bear, Blue Bear and Yellow Bear.

Then one day, Green Bear said "I've got an idea. I'm fed up of being ruled by the Grizzly Bear Gang. Why don't we gang up together and take over from them". Blue Bear said "What an absolutely spiffing idea. I'd been thinking along those lines myself". Little Yellow Bear chipped in, saying "Don't forget little me. I want to join in too". So the three cute little bears celebrated with a pot of honey, and out of the empty pot there rose a lovely 'rainbow'. The three said "Let this be a sign". And when they had worked out the details of their plan, they told the world what they were going to do. The boss of the Grizzly Bears, named Rhodri was very sad.

But then Little Yellow Bear went with his glad tidings to his National Executive meeting at Llandrindod Wells, where there were only 18 bears from across the land. Lo and behold, 9 of them said that Little Yellow Bear was clever and agreed with the plan - but 9 said that Little Yellow Bear was stupid and disagreed. Unfortunately the Yellow Bears didn't have any way of coming to a decision when the vote was level. (Yes really - I'm told this is true) So Little Yellow Bear started to cry and had to tell nasty Guto and Betsan from the Bears Broadcasting Corporation, who were waiting to pounce outside the door. "Our plan is now ' totally stuffed'. But I am still boss of the yellow bears".

Next day, Blue Bear and Green Bear were very angry - and stood on the great steps of the glass palace and 'rubbished' the Yellow Bears unmercifully. The rainbow disappeared, and the 'crock of gold' rolled down the great steps and sunk without trace into the Bay. But wait, some more yellow bears said "We must have a Conference in Aberystwyth to reconsider this, all over again". (The yellow bears have always had problems about deciding things). But old Grizzly Bear heard about this cunning plan, and arranged to have a 'coronation' tomorrow, before the Yellow Bear's conference on Saturday. Tonight, the Grizzly Bear gang are having 10 jars of honey to celebrate - and have sent out the sweetest little grizzly, called Jane Hutt to be humble and say that old grizzly is a 'statesman' who likes nothing more than to chat and frolic with all of the bears - except Blue Bear.

At this point Hans Christian Andersen abandoned this fairy story as being so utterly preposterous and unbelievable that no-one would ever believe it or read it. So it was never published until today.


dowlais twp said...

sheer brilliance

Guysmyboy said...

Can you believe it...who will ever trust the little Yellow Bear again? This was the chance to have a really exciting adventure but the poor Yellow Bear was frit, so frit that he ran away and hid.

Vote Freedom said...

A worthy find by liberace ... Have you ever thought of becoming a policy writer I know quite a few bears out there who would die for such insight.

Montgomeryshire Witness said...

Have you seen Ian Dale's blog? Anyway, why don't we just have another referendum and see if we want the Assembly at all.

As I said before. It's just a retirement home for ex county councillors who have no idea about politics and it'll never be taken seriously outside Wales after debacles like this.

Bwganbrain said...

Dowlais Twp took the words away from me - a marvellous fable!
Seriously though: having read the All Wales Govt document it is obvious we are losing a magnificent chance to change the politics of Wales for ever.
So depressing!

Vote Freedom said...


You know they will never vote again on the assembly same as they wouldnt vote again if we all said yes to joining closer to europe.. they just keep asking and asking until they get the answer they want.

Angry in Bangor said...

Trouble is, it's not Hans Christian Anderson, it's reality and it's downright shocking and shameful.

This is all music to the ears of anti-devolutionists.

I am truly fearful of what the next 4 years has in store for us in Wales. With the new post GOWA legislative context, some mature political thinking (and a few brain cells galvanising in the Assembly Chamber) will be required, and I don't see much evidence of that at the moment. Can't the wicked witch feed them all a poisoned apple? Better still, I'll eat it, and happily sleep through all this mess.

Glyn Davies said...

witness - I agree with monty. There will never be another vote. And if there was, I think Wales would vote to keep her Assembly. But not if there are any more fiascos like that which we have just witnessed.

I find the position funny in some ways - but desperately depressing in others. It has damaged my nation - and once again, I'm the only one championing a Rainbow Coalition. May have to wait a while for it - probably 4 years now.

Anonymous said...

glyn how can you even think of working with the pathetic liberal democrats again. you should be concentrating on kicking them out of montgomeryshire at the next election

Simo said...

Funniest response to the farce i've read all day, well written Glyn.

Glyn Davies said...

I will post on this issue now.

Meifodboy said...


A brilliant piece. Now get your computer sorted and start work to rid our Land of the Estonian Entertainer.

It used to be said that Montgomery folk would vote for a coat if it was Liberal. Methinks the tide is about to change.

Valleys Mam said...

Now on my third box of tissues What does it take for out country to get some breaks?
I am sure Alex Carlisle had a part did u hear him the radio he didn’t want to be part of the coalition - who is he, he is not elected to serve Wales
The Plaid women - if they had stuff to say, say it in the right forum why the hell put blood on the carpet even before its laid
Too may people with snouts in troughs about time to get focused on what they are there for -elected representatives not loose cannons
Three bears ..........where’s Goldilocks when u need her
Dark is Cynddylan's hall tonight
With no fire, no bed.
I will weep awhile, then I will be silent
Dark is Cynddylan's hall tonight
With no fire, no candle.
Save for God, who will give me peace?
Dark is Cynddylan's hall tonight
With no fire, no light.
Grief for you overwhelms me.

rainbow bear said...

what an opportunity missed!

Simo said...

to be perfectly frank i've had enough of party politics. All i want is a stable government.

This is the way i see it is; We add a sprinkling of socilism, a drop of liberalism and a doze of conservatisem what to you get a government which covers most of the political spectrum. Wales needs to grow its small business base pliad and conservative policies would have helped this. Stop health cuts and save neuro surgery in morristion hospital (would affect patients in west and mid wales) and stop ID cards.

look at northern ireland paisly and mcguinnes working together. Yes thats te same as socialists working with conservatives. We need a stronger wales a better wales. To me it seams that the electorate is more grown up than the AMs.

Anonymous said...

There's a small ommission from the bear story - the fact that the Red, Green, Blue and Yellow Bears are actually elected by the great mass of bearkind to represent them in the glass palace.

Red Bear was by far the most popular in that election, so many voting bears will think it unethical for the Green, Blue and Yellow Bears to try to take over the glass palace.

Supporters of the rainbow coalition claim they are the ones who have got to grips with AMS and understand how the system works, while Labour are stuck in a FPTP mindset. I have to disagree. The Rainbowites have failed to recognise the fundamental point, voiced by Alex Carlisle, the architect of our electoral system, that the leader of the largest party should be First Minister.

It is in fact the Rainbowites who have the FPTP mindset. They think AMS is a kind of electoral loophole that allows them to govern without the largest party. How incredible for IWJ to claim that the LibDems have shown contempt for the electorate when he has shunned negotiations with the largest party in order to pursue his personal ambitions. He seems to believe that the shape of the next govt of Wales, and our FM, should be decided not by votes at the ballot box but by secretive discussions between a handful of politicians and their aides in Cardiff Bay.

Anonymous said...

Valleys Mam said...
'I am sure Alex Carlisle had a part did u hear him the radio he didn’t want to be part of the coalition - who is he, he is not elected to serve Wales'

Just watched him on Dragon's Den and for someone who is supposed to be impartial, he was very defensive about the stance of the Lib/Dems. Too much for comfort.

He was not talking as a politician, he was splitting hairs like a Lawyer. These people get quite arrogant with power, but this time we as the people of Wales want to know why the Lib/Dems would allow an unelected voice to infuence such an important desicion. Like many he may have had years in politics, but he was never a politician. He was first and foremost a Lawyer.

seiriol said...

I went for a dirty sexual liasion as a metaphor and you go for Goldielocks ... Farce knows no bounds, ey?

By the way, why don't you like PR in local government? Would you have accepted the Rainbow document with local PR had you been elected?

Anonymous said...

The Plaid National Council would have overwhelmingly supported the Rainbow Coalition, once people had actually seen the document. The gang of four were not representative and could have ended up quite isolated.

Glyn-go for Lembit and if you miss out, it should give you the platform to boot mick Bates out. You would be more use to Wales by staying in Wales than going to London.