Monday, May 28, 2007

A Siesmic Shift?

Did a review yesterday of where we are at with the Welsh political scene at present with Peter Johnson on the BBC's Sunday Edition. A lot of consensus across the parties - including Labour. And this despite the latest volte-face by the Liberal Democrats at Aberystwyth yesterday, when they decided to put the 'yellow' back into the rainbow.

My contention was that there has been a 'seismic shift' in Welsh politics - even if we still have the same name on the First Minister's office door. No-one has been more associated with the 'rainbow coalition' than me - but it was always more a 'mechanism' rather than an 'objective', of which there were two. Firstly, I wanted to destroy the assumption that was in the voter's mind that Wales is a one-party state and that Labour will always be in control. And secondly, I have wanted to change the public perception of my party into a potential party of government in Wales.

Arguably, both of these objectives have been achieved. Firstly, Rhodri Morgan has been forced to acknowledge that he can only govern, courtesy of a cross-party consensus. It is clear that if Labour try any of the arrogant domineering politics that we have grown used to over the last 8 years, he will be toast after all. And secondly, both Plaid and the Lib Dems have formally resolved that they consider the Tories to be a potential coalition partner. In anyone's language, this is a 'seismic shift'.

And I will post on the most sensible response to the Lib Dem's latest gymnastics tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Great analytical stuff as ever Glyn. But where is the Labour Cabinet and runners and riders for Labour leadership you promised?

lads said...

Give him time chaps. He correctly predicted all this months ago. The tragedy is that Glyn isn't going to be part of the Rainbow WAG!
This poster is now in North America - and Welsh politics are a lot more interesting than the US or Canada. Mind you the Quebec Provincial Government is doing its best to be a bit lively this week!

Valleys Mam said...

They have even more trouble at HQ Glyn .........This was reported by Ian dale
The imminent demise of LibDem Voice raises a number of issues - not least for the LibDems, but also for the wider blogosphere. Rob Fenwick has run it from its inception and although it has never really caught on in the way ConservativeHome did, it has served as a valuable and sometimes controversial resource for LibDems to discuss matters of interest to them. There's nothing remotely similar which can carry on its work.

Glyn Davies said...

the blogosphere has lost some good sites recently. I have learned more about the Lib Dem problems from Peter Black's blog than anywhere else.

Sorry I'm a bit slow getting promised posts - but I'm having problems with my computer. Will try to do some work now