Thursday, May 10, 2007

For whom the bell tolls.

Oh, but the BBC can be so cruel. Yesterday, the Corporation invited me on to Richard Evans midday show to discuss the current state of Welsh politics. I felt rather 'bouncy' - and do you know what they did? As soon as I was on, Richard went live to hear the bell, which calls Assembly Members down to the Chamber for official business. And then asked me "What do you think of that, Glyn?". The cruel man. If I hadn't been two hours away in the Newtown studio, my internal programming system would have kicked in, and drawn me to the Chamber as a low energy light bulb attracts an unthinking moth to its inevitable doom.

We listened in as the newly elected AMs, bestowed the honour of Presiding Officer on his Lordship, Dafydd El and the position of deputy on Labour's Rosemary Butler. Two sensible decisions. Incidentally, I thought Claire Clancy's Welsh was top class - as she called for nominations to start the proceedings off. The whole thing was over in 20 minutes - and I was reminded of the number of times I had to drive down to Cardiff (a 5 hour round trip) for no worthwhile reason. A new perspective creeping into my thinking on the loss of my position perhaps? Maybe - but I will still miss responding, when that bell tolls in future.

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