Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Sweaty Armpits

The first thing she said was "You shouldn't have worn that dark blue shirt. Your armpits were disgustingly sweaty." It wouldn't be so bad if I hadn't thought that the shirt was rather 'Cameron' and that the AM/PM programme I'd just done had gone rather well.

I'd been a guest on today's programme for the BBC between 11.30 and 1.00 with ex-AM, Alun Pugh and Dr Laura McAllister discussing the political goings on in Cardiff Bay and Prime Minister's Questions. There were several really interesting subjects - but when I rang home to see how things were, the only subject my wife wanted to talk about was my sweaty armpits. It does make the point that if I want to be taken seriously and have people listen to the case I'm making, I really am going to have to improve my presentation.

It was interesting to chat informally amongst some of those involved in all the discussions about the future Assembly Government around Cardiff Bay today.. There is real momentum behind the Rainbow Coalition. I think that even Plaid's 'gang of four' will accept the majority view. In fact, I have quite a bit of admiration for them. I was a lot more disappointed in the interview Jill Evans, MEP and Vice President of Plaid was giving on Good Evening Wales as I was driving home. She just seems to want her party to remain in perpetual opposition. My only real doubt is the Lib Dems, none of whom I encountered in Cardiff Bay today. Well, there are only six of them. It is odd that so much influence on how Wales is governed rests with so few Lib Dem activists. Spent a long time with Darren Millar today - and I have to say that I think he is being under-rated. He could be a bit stong willed but he's going to be an influential Assembly Member, both reasonable and devolutionary.

I am frustrated by difficulty blogging at the moment. I have had so much trouble rearranging my computer access that I am still having to travel to Welshpool at night to access a computer. Still, I should be back up to speed in a few days time. I will have a new personal line at home and will order broadband tomorrow.. By the time I read all the comments on Blamerbell's and Iain Dale's blogs, its time to go home.


Bwganbrain said...

It's not 45 minutes after your post and i think the momentum may have gone out of the Rainbow Coalition.
The news on the was so disappointing, what on earth will happen now.
Mathematically Plaid and the Tories can still win a vote, but there is just no chance of stability.
It's time to worry about more than Sweaty Armpits Glyn!

David Thomas said...

This is truly a historic evening. The first time ever the LibDems have jumped off a bandwaggon!

oscar said...

Ah, Alan Pugh,glad to hear he was in Cardiff,means he was no where near North Wales.
I can not describe the way I feel at the very thought of him.
We were stuck with him for 8 long years!!!!!!!!

Rhys Llwyd said...

I take it your phone line and internet issues are related to you loosing your seat Glyn? Did you have a government.gsi line in your house when you were an elected member, is that how it works? I can't belive that you would be setting up a phone-line and broadband for the first time ever?!

Christopher said...

You say "Spent a long time with Darren Millar today - and I have to say that I think he is being under-rated. He could be a bit stong willed but he's going to be an influential Assembly Member, both reasonable and devolutionary."
I'm not a Tory (or even a Rainbow!) but as a colleague of Darren Millar on North Wales Pilice Authority (I am an Independent Member)I agree with you that Darren Millar can be very effective. He will enjoy you describing him as "strong-willed" but will almost certainly resent being seen as "reasonable"! My line with Darren is that he is there (on the Police Authority) to make ME look reasonable!.

Normal Mouth said...

"It is odd that so much influence on how Wales is governed rests with so few Lib Dem activists."

Such are the exigencies of even partly proportional electoral systems. In this case it puts the influence into the hands of a hinge party who do not have the guts to govern.

Valleysmam said...

I think there will be quite a few sweaty parts around today Glyn
I feel so let down, from optimism about a new start to Wales and politics
Here in the valleys so many people were talking with a new gusto about Cardiff Bay I had hoped that apathy was giving way to interest
Even across the border there was interest and now the smallest party with the least credibility scuppers it all
Lets hope Labour come up with an alternative candidate for leader

Anonymous said...

I hope there is another election Glyn so you get back in and sort them all out!

Anonymous said...


As a socialist and Plaid supporter I would not normally give my support to a Tory, but if you do stand against Lembit or his equivalent in the next election, I wish you the very best of luck.

The Lib Dems are a disgrace and need to be exposed and eradicated from Welsh politics. I hope that you can play your part as a Welshman who cleary has the interests of Wales at heart.

Anonymous said...

It would never have worked Glyn. The rainbow coalition would have fallen apart at the first difficult decision it had to take. The past few weeks really have summed up the poor quality of much of the political class in Wales. We are stll suffering from the way in which the Labour party rigged the selection of candidates for the 1999 assembly election. Individuals who would have made a difference to Welsh politics were deliberately not selected by the party establishment. As result some are not even any longer actively involved in politics. Wales needs all the help it can get at the moment and there is a crying need for all parties to ensure that those it elects to stand for the assembly have the ability to take the decisions necessary to move the counntry forward. The Lib dems are an odd party held together by negative rather than positive attitudes, As for Plaid it really is a coalition between rural conservatives and an collection of individuals who if the lived in England would be active in a trotskyist fringe party. The attitude of the so called gang of 4 seems to be a throw back to 1960s student politics. Hardly surprising since at least 3 of them were elected by no one except the dwindling band of party activists who put them top of their regional lists. They now that they will probably be assembly members forever under the present system as long as they curry favour with the party faithful.That means Glyn that they will never agree with any deal with the Tories as long as the sun rises in the morning and goes down at night.

Rene Kinzett said...

I have never been more glad that I left the LibDems last summer than I am today.

They are NOT a serious party. Their Exec is made up of the old and silly, the young and callow and the socially inept. What kind of decision did you seriously expect from this shower?!?

I am heartened that the AM vote was as decisive as can be in such a small group. Perhaps Mike should have been MUCH more heavy handed with Peter when he first started his whine on 4 May? Black's petulant child routine, crying until he gets his way, has been well known for the last twenty years at local government level and I am led to believe has been in full flow over the past eight years in Cardiff Bay. Mick Bates once told a friend of mine that Black had written his letter of resignation about six times in as many years over petty squabbles in the Group...perhaps they should have been accepted?!?

The shilly-shallying of the LibDems makes the Welsh polity look quite ridiculous. Stability, dignity, majesty - hardly three things one would associate with Welsh Government tonight. How can Wales be taken seriously when its own party political culture is so immature and seemingly based far too much on egos and personality battles?

The LibDems natural home is in propping up Labour - that is what they will undoubtedly end up doing at Westminster should there be a hung Parliament. That is what Mike wanted to do in Wales. But others, because of their ridiculous parochialism, made a huge racket (like a kid creating merry hell in a supermarket to get a bag of sweets) over the effect on a few Council seats. The irony for Peter is that the LibDem's decision effectively means a return to government for Wales without any single LibDem policy being taken onboard. Try that one on for size before next year's locals, Peter!

Just to let all those pissed off LibDems know - I've got plenty of Conservative Party Membership Pads!

Anonymous said...

Aren't we just missing the point here though. The blogs and the media are focussing on the petty issues within the parties (and the squabbling that never seems to end before, during and after an election) while the electorate are just waiting for someone to actually 'run' the country.
A few days of witnessing the party politics was fine. But let's get some policy going now.

Christopher Glamorgan said...

Spotted one Plaid member in a Cardiff bar this lunch-time, and looking rather pleased with herself. Thinking back to an earlier post of yours - don't they know what politics is all about? It sound like they need a refresher course (with an exam, ofcourse) Also, sounds like your wife is an excellent consultant - always listen to her Glyn, which I'm sure you do :-D.

Christopher Glamorgan said...

And they're off!!!

The Presiding Officer has called a plenary meeting of the National Assembly for 1pm on Friday, 25th May 2007.

Hold on to your hats!

Anonymous said...

I was wondering whether the Conservatives were also thinking of abstaining tomorrow

Glyn Davies said...

Sorry I've no time to respond to comments today - except to say to rhys llwyd - when I became an Assembly Member, I rebuilt part of our house to form my constituency office (at my own expense) so that I had a 24 hour office. The Assembly line was something special, which I have had difficulty getting removed and having the line transferred into a personal line - which finally happens tomorrow. I can then order broadband two working days later and the router arrives five days after that. Trying to have a discussion with BT about all this was unbelievable and enough to reduce grown men to tears of frustration. I was so cross that I couldn't blog last night when I was so angry I couldn't sleep.

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