Friday, May 11, 2007

The Cure for Pain

Made a discovery today. Though not a very useful one. A 'dead cert' way to erase a matter that is causing great distress is to find something that causes more. I used to find this when I played rugby. Go on the field with a sore finger - and forget all about it when one of the second rows stands on your throat. Or the little kid crying for a dummy only to get "something to cry about".

Mrs D's just had a knee replacement at Gobowen Hospital - and all other worries have been totally superseded. I'm blogging as displacement activity before going in to see how the op has gone. The hospital have said that its gone OK - and I can see her at 7.00. So I'm just catching up on the papers.

Now the Assembly elections are done with, and Conservative success has dumped me out on my ear, I'm going to take a greater interest in what David Cameron has been doing to my party when I was looking the other way. And I must spread my wings a bit since Iain Dale has added me to his 'must read' sidebar.

Luckily Oliver Letwin, our policy guru (Westminster version of David Melding) has been explaining everything in yesterday's Telegraph. I already knew about the Cameron change from GDP to GWB (General Well Being) - and rather approved. But it seems that things have become a bit more complicated.

According to Oliver, "Cameron Conservatism is an attempt to shift the theory of the state from a provision-based paradigm to a framework-based paradigm" - and that a Cameron Government would be "an agency for enabling families, individuals, associations and corporations to internalise externalities". In general, it seems that politics "once econo-centric, must now become socio-centric". George Jones in the Telegraph reported that Oliver considered this snappy one-liner to be his very own 'neoligism' - and a vote winner.

Over the last few years, I've been quite keen to change 'the language' of the Conservative Party in Wales in order to alter the perception that others hold of us. So its no surprise that I've fully approved of David Cameron's efforts to do the same at a UK level. But its obvious that things have moved on quite a bit while we've been distracted by electoral matters this side of Offa's Dyke. There's a fair bit of catching up to do.

Off to see Mrs D now.


Anonymous said...


Glyn Davies AM said...

Bob will be in hospital for a few days - and I am going to read Oliver's speech a few times - just in case I ever get to Westminster

Blamerbell said...

I notice you don't attempt to explain what it actually means.

I used to write sentences like that at university. They lapped it up.

Complete bollocks of course.

Glyn Davies AM said...

Blamerbell - it could be bollocks. My point is that I don't know! Oliver is a top man though - and I'm looking forward to the moment when when I fully grasp what he is trying to say. I think the message is that there is more to life than material things - and I'll go along with that

Sorry I've still got the am bit appended to my name - But I depend on my daughter, Sally to change things for me