Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Wales and Worcester

Catching up on what's happened over the last week or two. Mike Ruddock has gone to coach Worcester in the Guinness Premiership. I support Worcester - nearest top club to my home, friends live there, daughter Sally fell in love with both Greame Hick and Alan Border - and Owain Glyndwr.

Not everyone knows this, but in 1405, Glyndwr's army stormed and looted Worcester and set up camp ten miles from the town on Woodbury Hill, waiting for Henry iv to launch an attack. Nothing happened. Henry just poured himself another gin and tonic and left Owain sitting on the hill, waiting, waiting. If Glyndwr had gone for it, London was there for the taking. But he just sat there, got bored and hungry and then went home to Wales. With courage and leadership in 1405, by today we could have had the English begging for us to give them a better deal under the Barnett Formula.

Which brings me to Ieuan Wyn Jones, who may be complimented by comparison with our greatest historical figure - even though I've claimed him as a Tory (in international policy terms anyway). Ieuan has the chance to claim the glorious mantle of First Minister - but has he got the b***s. Or at least are they big enough to ring his pals Mike German and Nick Bourne to prepare a strategy to create a coalition government. Or will he prop up Rhodri Morgan's 32% Labour vote - either in formal coalition or as compliant Leader of the Opposition (a la Dafydd El). Go on Ieuan. Surprise us. Cast off the wobbly sobriquet. Stand up tall (well, as tall as you can) and take your place in history. I am behind you.


Anonymous said...


You are a man of vision, and I mean that.

I just can't see it happening between the Tories and Plaid.

I'm sure Vale Tories have not forgotten Plaid's part in the downfall of their administration.


Anonymous said...

what should we do
ip dip dip my little ship ........
thats what we did when we were kids
First one out gets Rhodders as a team member ...........
Thats scary

Anonymous said...

Not sure your history is quite right - the way to London was hardly open - Henry's army was camped a mile away - Glyndwr decided not to risk attacking it and if he'd moved towards London then his own army would have been exposed. His real chance was 2 years earlier with the alliance with the Percy's - though that ended badly for them in battle at Shrewsbury.

Glyn Davies AM said...

Mike - I can see it happening, probably in July or September.

Anon - I suspect you are correct - but I did take my information fron a history book, even if I did make up the bit about the gin and tonic

Zimrahil said...

I rather love Owain Glyn Dwr myself, lovely to see someone sharing the enthusiasm.