Thursday, May 17, 2007

My Fantasy Cabinet

The Rainbow Coalition is on the point of being agreed. The electorate will crucify any party that props up the one-legged duck now. Since the deal is as good as done, I can't understand why the Beeb isn't telling us about it. I suppose it will be news when a press release has gone out putting the story on a plate for them - and bloggers will have moved on and be talking about what happens to Labour now that Rhodri is going! Is it to be Andrew or Carwyn? Or will Leighton do a Cameron?

Anyway, I have been thinking about who would be in my 'rainbow' cabinet - and for the purposes of this post I am assuming the same pattern of ministerial responsibilities as existed pre-May 3rd.

Ieuan Wyn Jones-------First Mimister
Nick Bourne-------------Deputy First Minister and Finance Spokesman
Mike German -----------Deputy First Minister and Local Government Spokesman
Rhodri Glyn Thomas---Health Spokesman
Helen Mary Jones------ Social Justice Spokesperson and Business Manager
Elin Jones------------ ----Environment and Countrtyside Spokesperson
Jonathon Morgan-------Education Spokesman
Alun Cairns----------- ---Ecomomy Spokesman
Jenny Randerson------- Culture Spokesperson

Mike German is a sort of 'second' Deputy First Minister and in on a temporary basis - and I expect him to be replaced as Lib Dem leader by Kirsty Williams in due course. Jenny is in because she did such a good job as Culture Minister last time around. I think Rhodri Glyn is the only one who is capable of handling the 'almost impossible' Health brief. Elin Jones could be changed for Aluin Ffred Jones. I would love to put David Melding in - but I cannot see how Jonathon or Cairnsey can be left out. Jocylyn Davies would make the best Busines Manager - but I can't see how I can arrange it. I haven't bothered with the Deputy positions - because I don't agree that there should be any. Too many on the payroll.

Now tell me where I'm wrong.


Damon said...

Randerson out, Melding in. He deserves a position before her.

Glyn Davies said...

I agree with your judgement damon - but the nunbers don't work out. I suspect the deal will be done with 4 Plaid, 3 Tories and 2 Lib Dems.

Alan Davies said...

After all the pre election talk won't we also get a Minister for Yoof?
A job for Bethan J maybe?

Anonymous said...

Three first ministers Glyn! Sounds like "Junta" to me :)

bethan said...

oh god...A Ministerial position so early on. I am so flattered.

I better get the best ministerial car ;-)

Kiernan Ambrose said...

betsan powys has it on her blog, but it is very hidden. And it seems Peter Hain will be a little pissed

Penddu said...

I dont think it would be politically acceptable to have the Conservatives running education or health - but all other positions should be up for grabs

Anonymous said...

I agree with Mr. Davies on the picks. However, I could see 1 and 2 being reversed.

Alex Williams said...

I agree that both Alun Cairns and Jonathan Morgan are talented politicians but how would a position in Cabinet affect their Westminster ambitions. Wouldn't a cabinet job mean that they would have to stick around in the Assembly?

Christopher Glamorgan said...

The cabinet sounds near perfect, Glyn. It would certainly give both Plaid and the Conservatives credibility in Wales if they pull it off (and with some quick wins) and hopefully change the way we vote in future (like sheep at the moment). Going back to what the new DPO said... Isn't it a curse to live in interesting times???

Christopher Glamorgan said...

P.S. There may be room for a certain Glyn Davies as a Special Adviser to the Welsh Assembly Government... yet another application for you to complete :-D

Glyn Davies said...

I have not lived through such interesting times in Welsh politics. At last, Welsh voters will realise that it doesn't always have to be Labour.

Alex, it may be so interesting that the talented youngsters will decide against Westminster after all. But I would be dissappointed if they did. We need to get used to the idea of politicians mobving from one tier of government to another.

Alan, there could be a Minsiter of Yoof - but it could be added on another portfolio - or given to one of these deputy ministers we will be burdened with.

And kieran - I really hope that Peter Hain is p****d about the whole thing. I hold him partly responsible for the ban on dual candidacy at the Assembly election which was an absolute disgrace and rendered both him and Rhodri as unfit for leading government positions.

And bethan, I'm sure it is only a matter of time

Anonymous said...

how long until Kirsty Williams takes over from the German then glyn

Glyn Davies said...

Christopher - I am obsessive about wanting my party to take this chance to really connect with the Welsh voters. We have come so far over the recent past. A rainbow coalition would have been impossible even four years ago. I am not an Assembly Member now - but just as committed to the Party and my advice will be freely given via this blog. I'm really looking forwards to commentating on the Labour 'implosion'

Glyn Davies said...

anon, I reckon anything up to a year - but it was clear from his interview on dragon's Eye last night that he has completely lost control of the Lib Dems. but we knew he was doomed as soon as Lembit backed him.

Daran said...

The sands have clearly shifted in the last twenty-four hours and building a different, non-Labour Wales for the first time looks possible.

It seems that some of the main stumbling blocks have already been overcome – rumours of unhappy coalitionists biting their tongues – but the party grassroots need to be persuaded too. But, for most of you, getting rid of Labour is almost as impossible to resist as it is dangerous and uncharted.

Interesting times, and risky ones too. There is much to gain or lose to all concerned.

As the philosopher in chief of this emerging politics, you may yet be the Milton Friedman to the next First Minister. ;)

Glyn Davies said...

Daran - of course its risky. They will have to deliver. The secret will be total openness. There is going to be huge budget pressure over the next four years - and I hope we don't see any of the stupid boasting about how much has been spent, as we saw under Labour. What we need is four years of good solid un-flashy government.

I expect Labour to implode over the next few weeks as Rhodri Morgan resigns and several candidates fight it out for the leadership.

From a Tory perspective, we need to build on the new acceptance of us as a party that others can do business with. We need to put any right wing rhetoric in a box, out of the way, anf focus wholly on delivering value for money services.