Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Its a Rainbow Coalition - but When

Alex Salmond has shown the way. The Leader of the nationalist party has taken over as First Minister in Scotland today. And Ieuan Wyn Jones, the leader of the nationalist party in Wales is going to follow as First Minister in Wales. The only question left to be answered is when. Will Plaid Cymru, the Conservatives and the Lib Dems refuse to back Rhodri for the top job next week - or will they abstain and wait for six months before sinking him with a 'no confidence' vote? Hard to say. Don't think they've made their minds up yet.

The issue is all to with with how it looks to the public. Rhodri Morgan will want the voters to think he has been unfairly treated, by three parties interested in power for its own sake, all winning less seats than Labour - so he might force them to vote him down rather than ask Ieuan to try forming a government. The others will want voters to say that with only 30% of the vote Labour has no right to govern - and just do it anyway. However, they might decide that its better to let Rhodri 'die by a thousand cuts' and leave it until Xmas before kicking him out. I think Alex Salmond has tipped the balance in favour of taking the plunge and putting Rhodri out of his misery next week.

In any case, I will be naming the Cabinet I expect to take over tomorrow. I've already pencilled Rhodri Glyn Thomas in as Health Minister. He's the man for the poisoned chalice. I will welcome any advice.


Draig O Gonwy said...
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Draig O Gonwy said...

How about this for your first fantasy coalition:

Ieuan Wyn Jones (PC) First Minister
Janet Ryder (PC), Minister for Education, Lifelong Learning & Skills
Rhodri Glyn Thomas (PC), Minister for Environment, Planning and Countryside
Helen Mary Jones (PC), Minister for Assembly Business, Equalities & Children
Elin Jones (PC), Minister for Culture, Welsh Language and Sport
Nick Bourne (Con), Minister for Finance, Local Government and Public Services
David Melding (Con), Minister for Social Justice and Regeneration
Alun Cairns (Con), Minister for Enterprise, Innovation and Networks
Kirsty Williams (Lib Dem), Minister for Health & Social Services

5PC, 3cons and 1 Lib is a fair distribution of seats politically. Good gender balance (5M vs 4W), geographic balance from across Wales and a mix of experience and youth.

Yes there is no room for Mike German but his party don't want him anyway and he is too aligned to Labour.

There is only one seat for the Lib Dems but Kirsty (as the likely future leader) is the best of the lot and health is a major portfolio that possibly the Cons and PC wouldn't want to touch anyway.

A couple of Deputy Ministers could help them join in the rainbow coalition.

Anonymous said...

Where is your fantasy cabinet Glyn?

Glyn Davies said...

Draig o gonwy - not far off - but I think there will have to be two Lib Dems and Mike German cannot be left out.

Anonymous said...

janet ryder is a joke