Monday, May 14, 2007

New Website Name

I've changed my website name from to


Savonarola said...

And more importantly, how is your wife?

Anonymous said...

what about your blog??

it is still

Glyn Davies said...

Just been in to see Bob - and she is amazing.Three days after a full knee replacement and she's walking around on crutches and hoping to come home tomorrow. We enjoyed a Magnum Classic and a glass of Cava each. She can't wait ot have me as her slave - which I have promised to be!

I'm told it is more difficult to change my blog name. And there is someissue with bookmarking - though I've no idea what this means. I need to update a few things on my website as well. Will get around to it eventually.

Anonymous said...

It just means that you will have to ask people to visit rather than and for them to change the address the have saved in their favorites list