Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The Deal Breakers.

Why not? Why on earth would Ieuan Wyn Jones, Nick Bourne and Mike German not do a deal and turf Labour out of office into the the Siberian wilderness, that is opposition. Where are the deal breakers.

There isn't a big one for me. I just want to see Labour in opposition and 'government by common sense'. But I always thought there was a deal breaker (easy to cope with) for Plaid Cymru and another one (more difficult) for the Lib Dems. I don't think that plaid's demands for a referendum on Scottish Parliament type powers for the National Assembly should be a real problem for the Conservatives. After all, it would only be a referendum and the power to act lies at Westminster. I'd go with it.

The Lib Dem's demand for Proportional Representation in Local Government is much more problematic. I have always been opposed to this. I served as an Independent councillor for 15 years myself. The Tories won't like it. But if I was at the negotiating table, I'd accept it. And there would always be the consolation that the number of Conservative Councillors would rocket as a result - and Labour would lose the grotesque hegemony it has enjoyed for many decades on so many Welsh Councils. I'm warming to the idea as I type. Just do it boys - for me as a leaving present.


seiriol said...

If it's of any interest to you, here are my thoughts on why a Rainbow Coalition wouldn't be the best government for Wales.

Glyn Davies said...

Diolch seriol. Mae eich syniadau yn diddorol iawn. Dw i'n mynd i ateb eich pwyntiau ar fy mlog Cymraeg yfori

Anonymous said...

proportional representation at a local level just isn't needed. the constituencies are so small that all views should get an airing, or the democracy should be so strong that elected members can change. (If people would just start voting for people who seve them well rather than blind party obedience!)

Glyn Davies said...

On balance I agree - but I would be willing to compromise on this. The biggest question for me is whether it is workable to have the option of PR at constituency lavel - or better to go the whole hog and introduce it across Wales. I do think if the deal is 'referendum at constituency level' it might never be taken up - which I suppose would satisfy me. Not sure whether thsi would be enough for the Lib Dems though,