Sunday, May 06, 2007

Lib Dems in Turmoil

I can't resist joining in. Fellow blogger, Peter Black has been p***ing in the fat again. He has launched a full blooded campaign to oust Mike German as leader of the Lib Dem group in the Assembly. We shouldn't be surprised. Peter has form on this sort of thing. Last year, he started a mini campaign to oust Lenbit Opik as Welsh leader - even though he later claimed it was only to wind up the love god. Make no mistake, this is a full blooded assault on Mike's leadership. I reckon he is acting on behalf of at least half the group. Maybe Mike shouldn't have had the his new Deputy Leader headed notepaper printed. Could be a waste of money - and an unnecessary hit on his carbon footprint.

While we're on about the Lib Dems, I can say that I have been inundated by calls to take on the love god myself in the General Electon since I lost my Assembly seat. This will take a lot of thinking about, and it begs a few questions - not the least of which is whether Lembit will actually be standing again. Montgomeryshire is rife with various rumours that several local Lib Dem big wigs who want to see the back of him. He is very lucky that Peter Black doesn't live in Montgomeryshire.


Anonymous said...


In 1997 (when the Tories were not ecactly on a high) you were a mere 6,000 votes away from beating
Lembit Optic.

Since then, you've had 8 glorious years on the national platform, established yourself as the clearest, thoughtful and most charismatic Tory AM if not any Party AM.

I know it's too early but Welsh public life needs Glyn Davies. I know a lot of other people need Glyn Davies too (hope your wife's operation is a 100% success) but please keep your options open.

Wales needs you!

Anonymous said...

Glyn - you must return to frontline politics. The tories never acknowledge talent (trust me I know about this, and could write the manual) and your talent and focus often put most of them under pressure and showed their several weaknesses.

Think about a parliamentary constituency - several people would help you and you could build up a very strong team behind you.

Take care. Must be a horrendous time for you - thinking about you.

David Thomas said...

Doubt very much that Lembo will fight again. He's made no secret of his long term plan of a "career in the media" (someone please save us!) and he's clearly run out of steam as far as constituency work (as opposed to photoshoots) is concerned. See you on the hustings Glyn?!

Glyn Davies AM said...

Thanks. I will keep options open - because I would like to play some role in politics again. But I'll have to discuss these issues with the party in Montgomeryshire - and we will decide on what is best way forward.

David, I'm pleased to see that you intend to carry on. We thought you were a good rep for your party in the Assembly election. You will have helped restore some respect for politics by the manner of your campaigning.

Anonymous said...

lembit is an embarrassment to politics and your patch would never elect him if they knew what he is really like