Monday, May 07, 2007

Another Powys Council Mystery

Powys County Council is hugely important to the large area of Wales that it covers. I know many of the councillors and staff - good sound people committed to the county. I am on the Council's side - except in respect of the increasing tendency for keeping matters of public interest secret.

Last Friday, I'm informed that the Council cancelled the Montgomeryshire monthly planning meeting. No great shakes there, except that it's never happened before. Now, I take an interest in this because I chaired this Committee for 6 years in the 1980s - and I simply do not believe the reason that I am being given for this cancellation. Perhaps I would have believed the 'spin' 6 months ago - before the 'whistle blower' row, after the Council tried to keep some important news secret.

The 'spin' is that there were no applications to be dealt with - despite local developers telling me that they are waiting impatiently for decisions. I feel it in my water that there is something else behind it. And its like puss in a blackthorn wound - it will have to come out in the end. I hope the media will dig around this one - and if there is any attempt to hide something unsavoury from the public again, the balloon should go up big-time.

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Anonymous said...

will the nedia pick this up or do they want it on a plate, there's obviously something going on in secret at the council and they are being allowed to get away with it. it is disgraceful. why dont you jointhe council and sort it out