Monday, May 14, 2007

But its about power, stupid

Over the last two years I've been banging on about a 'Rainbow Coalition' to run the National Assembly, as an alternative option to a Labour-led coalition. Quite a few members of my own party have disagreed with me about this - and I've accepted that it would carry some political risk for my party. I've been variously accused of living in a 'fantasy world' - and the 'naked pursuit of power'. Well, it doesn't look such a fantasy now, with Plaid's Deputy Leader talking up such an arrangement in today's Western Mail.

So what will be the Tory group's reaction to all this. If I'd been there, I'd have been right up for it - and I'd expect Nick Bourne to be the same. But its a big ask for our new Assembly Members, who have just come out of bruising campaigns against the very parties I would like to see as coalition partners. I can understand their wariness. Its a time for some real leadership.

I'm amused when people accuse me of just being interested in power- because Yes, I don't see much point in being in politics unless the objective is power - to put into practise what has been preached. Opposition is the pits - and after eight years if it, I'd had enough, and I'm sure Nick has as well. So if our AMs can hear my voice echoing down from the mountains of mid Wales, "Take your chance of power if its there and let's see Conservatives taking a role in governing our nation".


Anonymous said...

It's a time for some real leadership
Yeh I agree Glyn but from Rhodri Morgan, only place he will lead us is up the garden path
What leadership has he shown in 8 years - the man is not capable of leadership, to lead you have to be a strategist and have the courage to make often unpopular decisions
The mans a closet civil servant - enough said

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