Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Time for Rhodri Morgan to go

Still no Government in Cardiff Bay. Despite what some commentaters say, this is very good news. It means that neither Plaid Cymru nor the Lib Dems are willing to prop him up. Labour may try to go it alone next week - and they may succeed in the short term - but I hope and believe that the Rainbow Coalition will fuse and simply vote him out. It will be a big deal if the three parties refuse to vote for Rhodri Morgan as First Minister - but I really think this is a growing possibility. This will be hugely exciting development for Welsh politics - and quite a bit of credit will have to go to fellow blogger, Peter Black, whose political courage made the Lib-Lab pact undeliverable.

I'm not a very partisan politician, but I will rejoice when Rhodri is removed from office. I will never forgive him, or Peter Hain from bringing in the ban on dual candidacy at the Assembly election. With that one act of constitutional vandalism they showed themselves as unfit to govern. I will also rejoice if Peter is rejected in his quest to become Labour's Deputy Leader for the same reason. It is time for Rhodri Morgan to go.


Anonymous said...

Time for Rhodri to go
It is an embarrassment to have such a shambolic, inept man as our first minister
People I meet from other countries -and I meet quite a few comment on his lack of style and embarrassing sense of humour .
I just do not think this man in any way reflects the ethos or political scene in Wales
A very telling comment from an ex political colleague of his was
“Nice man , but I wouldn’t send him to the corner shop for a pint of milk” says it all really

Anonymous said...

nice to see you giving credit to peter blacks blog. his fellow ams didn't show any courage though. even the ams who agreed with him were not willing to stand up and be counted when it mattered

Anonymous said...

I'm liking Peter Black more and more, standing up for beiefs and constiuents rather than the entity that is "the party." Wish more members would. If any labour member had any get up and go they would speak up and say Rhodri hs takn the party backwards and its time for a new broom, but none will, knowing tht whoever does isn't likely to win in the end. I suspect CJ would have got buddy Pughie to criticise Rhods and then step up to the mark, who elseis there really, but Pughie couldn't even get elected!
Glyn, tell us a bit about Pughies replacemen? is he a fruit cake as suggested or just misunderstood?

Glyn Davies said...

I have spoken to Darren Millar at length only once - and found him to be a sensible and cautious. He's a bit like me in that he will stand his ground and not be bullied by anyone. Don't know him well enough to give an unconditional reference - but he seems ok to me.