Saturday, May 19, 2007

Getting 'tidy' for Blamerbell.

Been tidying up the garden this week. Firstly because 30 members of the Montgomeryshire Farming Women's Club came on a visit. And secondly, because top blogger, Blamerbell is visiting tomorrow. If I'm ever going to get my own 'Monty Don slot' on Welsh TV, I'll need to impress such a rising star of the journalistic world.

He will be stunned by the Cornus Controverta Variagata, which has never looked better. Its a pricey plant to buy (£50 for a 8 inch pot) but every garden should have at least one. Blamerbell will be equally impressed by the Pieris Formosa 'forestii', which hasn't been touched by late frosts this year.

The garden needs a cat (or two). Since poor old Smokey died last year, we've been catless - and the rabbits have moved in. Not so much that Smokey killed them all, but he did deter them. Bit like the case so many people make for the return of hanging. If only we can finish off the outbuilding conversion, my mother in law can move down to Cil Farm - along with Andy and Doody. Two in the eye for the bunny huggers - and a reprieve for the echinacias.

Its great to have more time for the garden. But I must remember that when a hobby becomes full-time, it cease to be a hobby and loses part of its attraction.


ordovicius said...

Jolly good. But when are you going to add me to your blogroll, Glyn? I only ask because it would save me having to navigate my way back to my own blog.

bethan said...

don't make too much of an effort for Blamberbell. We don't want him to get even more big headed!

Glyn Davies said...

I will add this next week. There are a few others that I want to add as well.

Too late bethan. I've been working all afternoon.

Anonymous said...

is hanging a rabbit allowed under the new animal welfare laws

Valleys Mam said...

May be you should have teddy bears pic nic Glyn and we could all come
Ive been sorting my garden too
My bamboo has gone wild

Glyn Davies said...

valleys man - you really should be careful which bamboos to grow. Some are ok but some are impossible in a reasonable sized garden. I planted a variety last year than will grow to 30 ft and probably 30 ft across - but in a field where it will have room to display its majesty. And they are the devil's job to get rid of. I see them for sale in garden centres without warnings about what is going to happen.

Blamerbell said...

How the hell did my name get embroiled in a thread about gardening?

And Bethan, it's Bla-mer-bell.

You should know better:)

Glyn Davies said...

Time to spread your wings blamerbell. Just wait til I show you my Kniphofia Northiae this afternoon. It will really make myour eyes water.

Blamerbell said...

Not a patch on the gorsedd. That made my day.

Cheers Glyn!