Monday, May 14, 2007

Flying High Again

After a depressing few days, my spirits are soaring again today. I've just visited Mrs D in hospital and her recovery is amazing. Three days after a full knee replacement, she's walking with confidence on her crutches. We've just celebrated with a Magnum Classic and a glass each of Cava in Room 11 of Ludlow Ward at the Robert Jones and Agnes Hunt Hospital in Gobowen. And son Patrick is back at work after having an ingrowing toenail removed. (Sorry- but he just wanted a mention on the blog). I'm going to suffer when she gets home though. I have never really shopped in a supermarket - except to buy the Telegraph! Don't know whether I'll be able to handle the checkout melee.

And the garden was looking fantastic this afternoon. Yesterday's rain has given it a zest and vigour that should inspire the 30 ladies who are coming for a visit on Wednesday. I planted a Sorbus aria Lutescens and a rather nice yellow Metasequoia today. And I saw a common partridge in the garden - a first.

And my view of politics has changed as well. I went to Dan Munford's 'thank you' party yesterday and everybody was commiserating about the unfairness of the electoral system that cost me my place in the Assembly last week. And you know what occurred to me. I've been damn lucky that this cock-eyed election system enabled me to be a part of the first 8 years of devolved government. I'm a Tory from Montgomeryshire for goodness sake. How bl***y lucky is that. I hope all the hoo-hah hasn't detracted from the wonderful effort by Angela Burns to win her seat in South Pembs. She'll make a really good AM. And I see that the WoS 'spin doctor' has joined Arsembly in speaking well of moi - so I've celebrated that by applying for entry on the candidates list for the General Election. The tunnel of depression was much shorter than I'd been expecting.


hedd said...

But will you also re-stand at the nest Welsh General elections? We need /Welsh/ Conservatives in the Welsh Conservatives group at the Assembly, if you know what I mean!

In London, MP's from Wales tend to dissapear, and Welsh issues tend to dissapear from their agenda.

PS. Erthygl diddorol ar flog Bethan Jenkins. Efallai y care chi ymateb iddo? Efallai bydd modd i chi fod yn gwbwl agored yn awr gan nad i chi'n AC mwyach ;-) Ydych chi'n cefnogi rhoi yr hawl i bobl Cymru ddefnyddio a dysgu'r Gymraeg, ac ehangu sgôp unrhyw ddeddfwriaeth ieithyddol newydd yn raddol i'r sector breifat?

hedd said...

That should be 1 s and 2 p's :-s

Normal Mouth said...

Tortoiseshell said...

Falch i glywed am eich newyddion da.

See Ordivicius' blog for an interesting discussion on variations to the voting system (20 elected by 1 national Wales list rather than 5 regional lists)

Anonymous said...

I found this interesting snippet
Roger Scully, Professor in International Politics at the University of Wales, Aberystwyth, said, “This is unusual territory for UK parties but this is fairly normal politics in the rest of the democratic world.”
British politicians, he said, were used to competing with one another but not co-operating.
They recognise they have to do this but are obviously very uncomfortable,” he said. “Politicians need to learn a very different way of interacting with people from other parties.
“You have to be able to engage in a good degree of public and private bargaining.”
However, he added that the National Assembly will struggle to hold a government coalition to account if it lacks sufficient numbers of skilled AMs to staff committees.
He said, “It’s very much on the small side by any international comparison. If you want serious levels of expertise being built up by non-governmental members on committees, 60 is too few.”
Prof Scully acknowledged that it would be difficult to persuade the electorate of the need for more paid politicians, but said they could be added if and when the public voted in a referendum for a Scottish-style parliament.
“It’s difficult to sell that but if that were part of the deal for primary legislative powers, I imagine it could be sold.”
The dilemma facing the parties is likely to return at the next Assembly elections in 2011, when Labour will fight without Rhodri Morgan as First Minister.
Prof Scully observed that Labour’s share of the constituency vote (32.4%) is exactly the same as in Scotland; this is the first time since 1924 that the Welsh wing of the party has not enjoyed a larger share than their Scottish counterparts.
He said, “For a party that’s been hegemonic in Wales for 60 years, I think the election’s far worse for Labour than the number of seats would indicate.”

May be at last we will see some changes for he better in Welsh politics in Wales ..please

Savonarola said...

Well done on taking first step of journey to Westminster. Since I live in the soft South I am more interested in Westminster affairs than WA matters. The country needs rural MP voices to be heard loud and clear. I shall look forward to transferring funds on the announcement of your standing as Con candidate for Mont.
Good news on Mrs D. She must not rush things or do anything silly like undertaking a high wire crossing.

Christopher Glamorgan said...

There's nothing quite like home-grown talent. Keep up the good work and congratulations on taking that first step...

Angela said...

"so I've celebrated that by applying for entry on the candidates list for the General Election." Congratulations to you both for taking the first steps! I applaud your decision - I'm sure the best man will win.

Alun Thomas said...

Da oedd darllen y blog diwethaf hyn a gweld eich bod yn dal a diddordeb mewn "politics". Hefyd eich bod wedi dod dros y siomedigaeth enfawr o golli sedd.

Ga i ddiolch i chi am fod yn Gymro da a gweithgar dros yr 8 mlynedd ddiwethaf. Roedd eich llais fel Cymro twymgalon o fewn y plaid geidwadol wedi helpu creu plaid llawer mwy cymreig, ac heb os mae'r ceidwadwyr wedi gwella ei delwedd yn fawr iawn oherwydd y symudiad yma. Mae wedi bod yn bleser gwrando arnoch ar y radio neu mewn trafodaeth teledu. Roeddech bob amser yn pwyso a mesur eich ymatebion i'r cwestiynnau oedd yn cael ei gofyn.

BUT what Bethan Jenkins has just said is vital. We need you as a true Welshman in Cardiff NOT in London. What use will you be there?? Find a Welsh seat where you can win next time.That is the answer!!

Best wishes for the future Glyn. By the way I am not a Tory but a Card carrying member of Plaid but your ideas and mine go very closely!

Hwyl fawr a gobeithio clywed chi eto yn y dyfodol agos

Alun Thomas

Anonymous said...

Well done. Ond door closes and another one opens......
Congratulations in advance for becoming the MP for Mont. Onwards and upwards!

Anonymous said...

game on Glyn, game on!

Anonymous said...

Prefer Mrs D over a Cheeky Girl any day of the week!

Glyn Davies said...

Been fussing around Mrs D all day. Only reached my computer tonight. Laughed out loud at some of the comments - could be the wine we had when she came home this afternoon.

At this stage all I can say is that I love Wales and I love politics - and I think Welsh politics needs politicians committed to the developing political reality of government in Wales.