Thursday, July 19, 2007

Victory for Victoria.

Victoria Otley is my heroine today. She's struck a blow for bowel cancer sufferers. Not everyone is keen to talk about this disease. Last year, I was outraged by the seemingly casual way that NICE (National Institute for Clinical Excellence) issued guidance that the drug, Avastin was not value for money because it only extended the life of the terminal sufferer by 5 months (on average). Well, when you are dying, an extra 5 months is a very long time indeed.

Anyway, Victoria took them on. When Barking and Dagenham NHS Trust refused to provide her with the drug, she went to the High Court. And today, Mr Justice Mitting found in her favour. I don't suppose NICE will change its guidance though. Its just the way it is. After all, its only another 5 months life for someone dying from bowel cancer disease. Well Done Victoria. Some day, NICE will cure itself.

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