Saturday, July 21, 2007


I won't go as far as to compare my situation with that of the free world in 1945. But I do feel liberated. After 11 weeks of frustration, I have broadband installed at home, and I can blog without having to go to Welshpool or an Internet cafe. I've experienced this wonderful sense of liberation before. I remember Jan. 1st. '03, when I came home from hospital after an 11 day stay and some serious body restructuring. I'd been told not to drive for 'x' no of weeks. But the car was there - and as soon as Mrs D turned her back, I struggled into the driving seat and away I went. Gwynneth and Wyn thought a ghost had arrived when I turned in and said I'd have a cup of coffee. Such a sense of liberation it was. Mind you, it didn't last long. A few weeks later, the local magistrates banned me from driving for 6 months under the totting-up procedure. But another burst of liberation when I had my licence back.

But back to my broadband. It has taken from May 3rd, when I lost my position as an AM, until today for me to sort it out. And if it hadn't been for Edward and Sally, two of our offspring who are IT whizzers, we would have just given up. I do ask myself whether BT is the worst company in the Western world (there could be something worse in the deepest African jungle I suppose). I recall Mrs D once being reduced to tears of frustration by Sky when the television had gone awry - but nothing like BT. In a class of its own. When I was an Assembly Member, BT used to ask me what I thought of the company and its service. I wish they would ask me now!.

Anyway, I will now be able to blog properly. Not as much as Iain Dale or Ordovicios of course - but when I feel like it, not when I can. Such liberation.


Bwganbrain said...

You are so right about BT - and it is such a shame as they've got some wonderful products. But just like some other big companies they just can't join all their bits together in a coherent way. As a result the customer always suffers. Hopeless!

Glyn Davies said...

Bwganbrain - my daughter's home and she's just taught me how to update my sidebar - so I've just added you. I'm feeling rather clever about it as well.

Anonymous said...

Hey Glyn are you becoming a teckkie!
What’s your take on this news that some Tory MPs are looking for a vote of no confidence in David Cameron
Melissa Kite discloses in The Sunday Telegraph today, Sir Michael Spicer, chairman of the 1922 committee, has received a number of letters from Conservative MPs calling for a vote of no confidence in the Tory leader. This is an astonishing development. For such a ballot to be forced, 15 per cent of the parliamentary party must send such petitions: that is, 29 out of 195 MPs. But I find it extraordinary that there is a single Tory MPs who looks back on the last 18 months and think that they would be better off without Mr Cameron.

Anonymous said...

Ive heard nothing but complaints about BT by anyone I know that has used them, usually to do with the connection being terminated for failure of payments that have indeed been payed. In light of this I saved myself a whole lot of trouble by using a different company from the outset.

Glyn Davies said...

Valleys mam - I agree with you. i Can understand MPs being uncomfortable with some of what David Cameron says and does, - only natural when we are intent on changing people's perception of us. But to even think about changing our leader is completely daft and self destructive. Oh, and I've learned how to change my sidebar. And I have instuctions about how to post a photograph. Not sure this qualifies me as a teckkie.

Anonymous said...

And I have instuctions about how to post a photograph. Not sure this qualifies me as a teckkie.
does in my book
Have you added me?

Anonymous said...

Seems Paul Flynn agrees too Glyn
Lets hope he names and shames.

"The opinion polls reflect the abject failure of Sham Cam and his nightmare bye-election results. The hope that Tory Blairism could work the magic of the real thing silenced the majority of right-wing Tory MPs who believe Cameron to be Green LibDem, limp-wristed aesthete. They want Toryism red in tooth and claw.

It's hard trying to guess which backbenchers who are baying for Sham Cam's blood. I have a shortlist of 47. They have grumbled and complained to me about his lack of right wing fervour. Branding them 'gutless snipers' today may force them to break cover.

When they do, it will not be two, or six. It could be the majority of the Tory parliamentary party.

Then watch the sago hit the fan."

Glyn Davies said...

I think Paul Flynn is living in hope. Will add you.

AS said...

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