Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Under Starter's Orders.

It will be very hush-hush of course. Mustn't be too previous - at least not seen to be. But you can be sure that the runners in the Succession Stakes are loosening up and shaking their fetlocks. Oh Yes. The favourites may well be carrying on as if nothing has happened - and the stents are still carefully packed in the anti-septic polythene container that they came in. But you can bet a pony that they are under starters orders.

Early favourite is Bridgend Hoggin, a rangy stallion with the same big stride that made Party Politics such a favourite with the punters - simply eating the hurdles. And he has the same Welsh bloodlines too. Second favourite is Slippery Jack, another stallion out of a Swansea stable, with a reputation for reaching the tape first when the going is tricky. And third favourite is The Duchess, a handsome filly with a striking mane, who tends to run through the hurdles, rather than jump them. Not to be discounted if she finds a good line in the slipsteam of the pacesetters.

A couple of pushy stables, with an eye on the future opportunities may enter as make weights. And after all, the favourites may burn out if they set too hot a pace. Expect to see some 'throwaway' betting on Rhondda Rebellious and some 'for the hell of it' betting on Merthyr No Hope.

But this blog wishes First Minister, Rhodri Morgan a full and speedy recovery. None of us would want to see ill health force him into retirement. In passing, Brynle was deeply impressed when I rang him to discuss things this morning. When he had his heart attack last year, he had only one stent. Rhodders had two! Of course there's no medical reason why Rhodri shouldn't be back to top form in a few weeks time. For sure, he will be up shouting on his beloved Cymru in Paris later in the summer. And when Alfie lifts the World Cup, after Hook drops a late goal to pip the All Blacks in the Final, Rhodri Morgan will announce the date of his departure from high office. Well, it would be a good moment.


cleckanndra said...

If (Slippery Jack)Andrew Davies gets to lead the Assembly it will confirm all of our worst fears that this former Labour Party appointee/apparatchik [who doesn't know his orse from his elbow] is the lamest of a tired, talentless, bunch of hock-jockeys who all ought to be put out to the knacker's yard.

And what about you?

Why have you - one of the few AMs of any real quality - given up the race to get back in to [and raise the stakes and the fences of] the

You were one of the few capable of professionally holding the reins of power and out-stripping those who shouldn't even have been allowed in to the starting enclosure. [A good four-fifths of those sitting in their comfortable starting boxes].

I never had you down as a quitter, and you're no loser.

Sod Westminster - get back in to the race!


Seneddwr said...

Don't pull your punches now, Cleck...

Christopher Glamorgan said...

I have never seen someone spanked via a blog before. Cleckanndra does raise a few good points though Glyn. We all know that you haven't put the Assembly on the back burner and that your pot is still bubbling away on the front burner, boiling up those red and green vegetables.

Hmm.. when is Bourne replacing Lord Glentoran in his new role in the Lords? (if only he didn't need his Assembly salary):>D

cleckanndra said...

Seneddwr and CG .....

You've evoked this curious mixed-up image in my mind, now, of trying to pull punches and spanking someone while they're sitting in their fat saddle.

I never was a racing (nor punching or spanking) man for that matter.

It all sounds a bit too public school for me, Chris, but I do like your OTHER idea.

If 'elevating'[*] Nick Bourne to the Lords brought Glyn back in to the Assembly that would be a small (and excellent) price to pay.

Are you well connected enough (in your job) to help bring it about?

[*] Would it be an elevation or a demotion?

cleckanndra said...

Seneddwr ..."don't pull your punches...."

Blimey....... which boxing stable did you come out of - Joe Calzaghe's?

I've just read your posting -

'The Self Importance of being
Alun Davies (July 5th)'.


Glyn Davies said...

Comments laced with kindness. Must do a serarate post on this.

cleckanndra said...

When non-toadies/non-tories, and others call for your return to the Assembly (to raise its standards) you ought to let the penny drop.

Glyn - pull up the comments I, CG and Seneddwyr made [on both of your postings] and set them on your blog as a separate posting.

When I/we - the people/Y Werin/the Voters call for your return then it deserves/demands an open debate/discourse on your blog.

It's your blog - but - this is a request - from Y Werin.

Forget looking after fields (or even discussion on marriage).

Use this period to re-invigorate your self, get sharper (not less political).

Let the debate start - for your return.

Yours non-Torily/non-toadily,