Monday, July 02, 2007

Mixed Feelings

Really sorry to see that Francis Maude has lost his place as our Party Chairman. Perhaps he's overdone the pessimism! Anyway I'm a big fan of Francis and will remain so. He's done a lot for us and has played a big part in the repositioning that has happened over the last year or so. Reason my feelings are mixed is that I am also a fan of Caroline Spelman. I acted as her chauffeur for the day when the Shadow Cabinet met in Wales last March. Not only was she a great companion and superb communicator, but she's a rugby enthusiast. Her husband was a player ( Harlequins I think) and so are her sons. And she's a sportswoman herself. Will comment on the other changes after reading the detail tomorrow. Especially, the appointment of my neighbour, Owen Paterson (well 20 miles) to Northern Ireland, which totally surprised me.

I fear that Hugo Squire has gone though. But perhaps Julie Kirkbride, Daniel Kawszynski or one or more of the Welsh boys will have been promoted to assuage this disappointment as well.

The appointment of Pauline Neville-Jones, former Head of the Joint Intelligence Committee to Shadow Secretary for Security looks to be a real coup for us. And the appointment of Sayeeda Warsi as Shadow Minister for Community Cohesion looks interesting as well. Remember her ripping into another of my neighbours, Nick Griffin (well 10 miles) on Newsnight. She doesn't mince her words, for sure. This is a good response to the Brown changes. Pity its being overshadowed by the terrorism issues.


Anonymous said...

I noticed your potential rival Lembo was actually in the House of Commons tonight!!! Who'd have thought. It's almost as if he were an MP or something.

Left Field said...

It's a shame Sayeeda Warsi is having to be enobled though. I've always thought that she would have made an excellent MP.

cymrumark said...

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Huw said...

Francis Maude: "PERHAPS he overdid the pessimism?"

What d'you mean, "perhaps?" The guy made Cassandra look like an optimist!

Yes, he gave a badly needed reality check to the Right, but he is no showman and his continual doom-and-gloom was becoming wearing. Really not what Cameron needed for a General Election.

Glyn Davies said...

sanddef - perhaps my greatest contribution to Welsh politics has been to encourage him to focus more on politics and less on celebrity!

left field - personally, I think the Lords should be used more in this way than simply to reward those albeit worthy folk, who have retired from politics.

cymrumark = will do

huw - OK, but Francis is a really good politician. At least he is still in the Shadow Cabinet

Christopher Glamorgan said...

It looks like you've already got Lembit running scared as he has already partly 'moved' out of Wales and will no longer be a spokesman on Welsh issues at Westminster. He's been moved to the new portfolio of Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform - lucky them!

it's my party said...

Never mind all this. The big news today is that Conwy County leads the way in gay weddings. What will the lovely Darren Millar say about that?