Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Facing up to the WI

I was a bit lucky with the first question. "What would you do if you won a million pounds". Fellow panellist Gareth Vaughan, President of the Farmers Union of Wales said he would give it all to charity - so I couldn't go down the 'worthy' road. I just said that I would "carry on farming until it had all gone". I know. I know. Its an old gag but it worked well and set me up for what promised to be a challenging evening. We were facing up to the Women's Institute, in the heart of Montgomeryshire, at what was billed as a 'Brain's Trust'. I've always been wary of the WI, especially since they chewed up Tony Blair and spat him out in slivers, after the Tory Party had failed to make so much as a dent in his armour over several years of opposition. Anyway I went home with a bottle of red wine in appreciation of my efforts and the ladies best wishes. Was hoping for survival - and it had turned out a success. So tried out my prize when I got home.

Yesterday was a good day all round. Returned to my old school at Llanfair Caereinion to do live 'Taro Post' at lunchtime. Good show. I was really taken by the articulateness (?) of the students who were on the programme. We were never that confident in my day. They were so full of opinion - on anything and everything. I always enjoy Taro Post.

And then straight down to Welshpool Town Hall to present myself to the Executive Committee of the Montgomeryshire Conservative Association. It was the shortlisting session to decide who should go forward to the Open Primary on July 18th when the people of Montgomeryshire will decide who is to be their Conservative Candidate at the next General Election. Pleased to say that I made it through to the play-off. On Taro Post, Dylan asked me why on earth I would want to be an MP, when all the real action is taking place in Cardiff Bay. I ventured to snort disdainfully (in welsh of course). Hasn't he been watching. There hasn't been any real action in the National Assembly for months. In fact, when people tell me that they see no point in the Assembly at all, it becomes a bit difficult to argue when the Assembly Members (collectively) seem to be doing their level best to make their case for them. Perhaps we should put the WI in charge. They wouldn't put up with all the dilly-dallying.


Anonymous said...
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SamuelCoates said...


ou might want to delete this comment but just letting you know that your link to David Davies' blog is mispelt as Davis.

Email me if you'd like to write for ConservativeHome some time.


Glyn Davies said...

Deleted one comment. Touch too srtrong for this blog.

Sam - Thanks for the advice. Will email.