Sunday, July 29, 2007

Oscar concern

Shock, horror. I cannot believe it. Me, right of centre yes - but surely not agreeing with Simon Heffer. I admit that I still read his column, as much to chunter to myself something like "Its no wonder British voters stopped supporting the Tory Party if these sort of people fronted it". But I suppose it is Simon's job to be provocative. At least, he's nothing like as bad as Peter Hitchens whose column in the Mail on Sunday I can no longer read - makes me too cross.

Anyway, there it was in Simon Heffer's weekend column - my little joke in Friday's post about hoping that Oscar the cat, whose arrival to cuddle up close presages one's instant demise, would not turn up on the doorstep of Conservative Central Office. What chance have I got of winning preferment if party bosses link me with Simon Heffer. I cross my heart and swear that I thought of it myself - and on reflection, don't find it funny at all. And in passing, I agree with Simon's hard line on cannabis. And I agree that Gordon's best chance is to go to the country in October. I think I will carry on reading him.

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