Saturday, July 14, 2007

Exciting Day

Spent most of today at The Wales Conservative Party AGM at the Metropole in Llandrindod Wells. I try to go every year. Not enough of our elected politicians do go. Its an occasion when they can show some appreciation to the party stalwarts who help deliver the vote. AMs, Alun Cairns and Nick Ramsey were there though - so top marks to them.

Highlights of the day were splendid speeches from our Director, Matt Lane and Jonathon Evans MEP (as usual). In passing we were told that at out Spring Conference in Cardiff, a passing seagull c***ped on Matt's head. I don't know why ewe were told this but its no wonder we don't see much of Matt in Mid Wales. He knows we have ospreys flying around. And it is great to be contemplating Jonathon's return to Westminster - he having thrown his hat in the ring for selection for the Cardiff North constituency. He would be a great boost to Cameron's team after the next General Election.

Only interesting tit bit I picked up was that the Serbian meaning of the word 'excited' is 'sexually aroused'. You may ask how this cropped up. Well, during the Assembly election, it seems we recruited some part time help telephone canvassing from some Serb lads in Cardiff. For some reason during the evening, they were asked whether they were 'excited'. We'll have to pass over why they were asked this question - but they were a bit surprised to be asked something so personal. Perhaps they thought all those things they had heard about the Tory Party in the old days were still true!!

Anyway, we're going out for dinner with a Croatian lady tonight. I might suggest that we order an 'exciting' little wine - and see what she says. Croatia is next door to Serbia, so there should be some reaction.

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