Sunday, July 29, 2007

EU Referendum Please Mr Brown

Gordon Brown is on a high - at the top of a prolonged 'bounce'. His popularity is soaring and he must feel invulnerable and all powerful. He probably thinks that he could get away with the most outrageous 'con' of the British people - which is why he's trying to do just that. This could be the pin that will prick his bubble. The British people will get very cross when they realise that the Prime Minister has deliberately misled them.

We were promised a referendum on a new EU 'constitution' by Labour. No 'ifs', no 'buts'. It was a cast iron promise - with no wriggle room. As it happened we were never offered the promised referendum because it was rejected by other European countries first - and dropped. We are being told by Gordon Brown that the EU constitution treaty is defunct, dead and buried, gone - even though 240 of its 250 proposals are included in what is now called the European Union Reform Treaty. All that's happened is that its been given a new name. The Prime Minister's attempt to hoodwink the British people is a disgrace.

This treaty goes a long way towards creating a 'United States of Europe' - with its own President, its own Foreign Minister and its own Bill of Rights. It will greatly reduce the ability of the British Government to rule itself. There are arguments to be put for and against this Treaty - and I would be happy to accept the decision of the British people. But it must be put to the British people - something Mr Brown has no intention of doing. Tony Blair found out that we don't like being lied to on a great national issue of importance to us (like going to war or handing our ability to govern ourselves to the EU). Mr Brown will pay the same price as Blair - for also believing that he can get away with anything.


Anonymous said...

No Glyn, the British people will not get very cross. Why do even sensible Conservatives not realise
that Europe is simply not an important issue for the vast majority of voters?

Glyn Davies said...

anon - You are quite right about there being no great interest in EU matters - but the main reason that British people will get cross is that they will realise that they are being deliberately deceived. I don't think that many people realised precisely how Tony Blair lied about the advice he received from the intelligence services before committing to the Iraq war - but they know that they were deliberately deceived. His legacy will always be tarnished because of that.

Anonymous said...

brown will be forced to hold a referendum in the end. it will be another brown announcement that will steal the tories thunder. he's taking you all to the cleaners glyn