Thursday, July 19, 2007

Checking out my new office.

Hope I'm not being a bit previous - but after being selected as a parliamentary candidate last night, I thought I'd pop down to the Palace of Westminster today to sus out a new office. With all this talk of an October election I thought I'd best not hang around. After all, I hear that Alun Cairns might be having a crack at Westminster as well - and if there is only one office available, he'll have his name on the door before they finish counting the votes. The boy's got form on this.

Actually, I've been in London for other reasons. Mainly to meet the top brass at the Campaign to Protect Rural England. I thing that CPRW may be able to learn from (and perhaps teach) the CPRE something useful. The CPRE office is along the river from Westminster - and I thought that I would like to walk along the embankment. And called for a coffee in the Atrium at Millbank. Sort of reminder of what I used to do a few years ago. And just to add a touch of authenticity, I tempted the BBC's David Cornock down from the top of the building to share a cappuccino and a gossip. He always did give me stick but my masochistic nature leads me to quite enjoy his company. Truth is, while I do not particularly like London, I have always experienced a great sense of awe around the Palace of Westminster. Its just a matter of overturning that majority of 7173 in Montgomeryshire. Think I'll go out canvassing at the Gungrog By-election in Welshpool tomorrow. Have to start some where and could bring the target down below 7170.


Elin Wyn said...

Llongyfarchiadau i ti Glyn ar gael dy ddewis. Ac mae Alun Cairns hefyd ar fin cael ei gadarnahu ym Mro Morgannwg. Allai ddychmygu y basech chi'ch dau yn cael amser i'w gofio lan yn San Steffan!! Drueni bod na beryg y bydd y Cynulliad yn colli Ceidwadwr call arall! Mae angen lleisiau cryf ar yr wrthblaid yn y Bae. Pob dymuniad da beth bynnag.
I can imagine the fun and games that you and Alun Cairns would get up to in Westminster were you both elected...!!! Pity that we could lose another strong opposition voice in the Bay soon. All the best whatever happens.

Dr. Christopher Wood said...

Simply Fantastic News. Many CONGRATS! Hard work ahead, but if anyone can kick Opik into touch it is you. CONGRATS!

While I am not a Conservative Party supporter per se, I am really pleased that you will be trying your best to win the seat from cheeky boy, Lembit Opik.

Dr. Christopher Wood
Iorwerth Jones Home supporter

Emma Greenow said...

Congratulations Glyn!

I look forward to coming campaigning with you in the maybe near future!

Best wishes


Anonymous said...

I'm interested to learn who you'll be supporting at the Gungrog by-election? Having done my homework, following your comments a few weeks ago, I suspect your loyalty will lie with Mr Nick Bardsley - having been your agent - but what about Mr Delwyn Williams. He was the only previous Tory MP to win Montgomeryshire back in 1979.

Harry Hayfield said...

Montgomeryshire 2005 Notionals
Liberal Democrats 15,548 (50.29%)
Conservatives 8,500 (27.50%)
Labour 3,794 (12.27%)
Plaid Cymru 2,156 (6.97%)
UKIP 916 (2.96%)
Lib Dem Majority 7,048 (22.79%)
Swing needed for Con gain: 11.40%
Conservative Target Number: 216

You were a very good Assembly Member Glyn (and I still remember that time you backed me up over that question I asked about the Welsh language in Aberystwyth) and I am sure you'd make a very good constituency MP somewhere, however I don't think that will be in Montgomeryshire

Glyn Davies said...

Elin Wyn and Dr Christopher - thanks.

Emma - are you interested in becoming an MEP - if Jonathon Evans switches to Westminster. You would be great.

Motg Witness - I will be supporting Nick, the Tory Candidate - but like most people in the area, I like Delwyn. He is a friend and if you want colour.....

Harry - I know about the scale of the challenge. But Montgomeryshire is the only seat I would want to reprsent. I believe that I am in with a chance.