Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Saved by Patricia

I did it again last night. Will I never learn? I joined the seriously attractive Heledd Cynwal as her guest on Wedi Saith - wearing a dark blue shirt! No tie and the casual look, a la Cameron - except for the sweaty armpits. Not sure why it happens. The heat emanating from the camera lights perhaps. Or the pressure of live Welsh Language TV interviews. Or perhaps it was Heledd's mini skirt! Anyway, sweaty armpits don't show on a white shirt. That's tip No 1 for today.

But Patricia, who does all the making up for Wedi Saith was there - and she was armed with a hair dryer. So that's No 2 tip for the day. If you are of the 'sweaty armpits' tendency - always take along a hair dryer if you are doing a TV interview.

Anyway, I'm off to Llansantffraid now for the first 'Open Primary' ever to be held in wales to choose a parliamentary candidate. Tories setting the pace again. Mathew and I are up for selection at 4.30 this afternoon - and then its on to Carno for the second half, which begins at 7.30. I'll let you know how I got on when I'm home - probably about 10.00ish, unless I stop off for at the Aleppo Merchant for a drink on the way home. To celebrate or drown sorrows. I really hope that I am successful tonight. I would love to have a crack at reversing Lembit Opik's 7173 majority. I've just reminded myself to put on one of my white shirts. Thanks Patricia.


Christopher Glamorgan said...

Note to Mrs D... chill a bottle of Sancerre in readiness for your husband's return.

All the very best, Glyn!

Anonymous said...

yes pob lwc glyn
did you hear that lembit has moved in with his cheeky girl
sigh .......really cannot see her in green wellies and a barbour