Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Phill's New Job

Two most asked questions since I lost my seat in the National Assembly have been "Are you going to stand against Lembit Opik" and "What's happened to Phill". Phill ran my Assembly office for almost the whole 8 years I was there - and he ran it like clockwork. He made sure that I turned up where I was supposed to turn up - armed with whatever papers I needed. Whenever I used to mutter something like "I wish I could find that damn report on 'whatever' that I read 6 years ago - it would materialise on my desk a few minutes later. Brilliant. People used to think I dominated Phill. The truth was that Phill dominated me. We were a good team. He was my 'eyes and ears' around the corridors - and loyalty was his middle name.

It seemed odd to me that none of the newly elected Tories did not want to take Phill on. I suppose he is a bit different. Well, this morning he started work in Darren Millar's office on a half time basis. Darren has made a smart move here. My opinion of the boy Darren rises every time I meet him - and I don't give a stuff what Alun Pugh used to say about him. He's going to have a big influence on the Welsh Conservative Party over the next few years.

So that's the Phill issue settled. Now, what about the other question. I'll be able to answer that in 8 days time, after the Montgomeryshire Conservative Association has chosen either me, or a very pleasant young man named Mathew, who's from Surrey, at an Open Primary in Montgomeryshire next Wednesday evening. Anybody who is on the electoral roll in Montgomeryshire can come and vote at Llansantffraid at 4.30 or Carno at 7.00. I must ask Phill to ring me and remind me to turn up on time.


Anonymous said...

Glyn, you forgot to mention what his new job is!

Glyn Davies said...

Sanddef - I don't know precisely. But whatever it is, Phill won't let the side down

Alwyn ap Huw said...

Glyn, you have been the example of the New Welsh Conservative - the proof that the Tories aren't the English Party in Wales, that they have been perceived to be, or claimed to be.

However if your main rival is Mathew from Surrey,what message does this give about the new Welsh Tories?

Why aren't you being challenged by Megan from Machynlleth, Nefydd from Newtown, or Carwyn from Carno?

If the best that your local Association can find as a challenge to you is some young turk who wants to be blooded in the way that Borris was in Clwyd, there is something amiss, and there seems to be a lack of depth to the Welshness of Conservatism in Montgomeryshire.

When the Tories are a truly Welsh party there will be a challenge for nominations between keen Welsh Tories, not the same old story of the home counties carpetbagger v the local hick.

Glyn Davies said...

Alwyn - Dipyn angaredig i ddisgrifio fi fel 'local hick'.

Ac mae Mathew yn ymgeisydd dda. Dw i wedi cwrdd a fe yn barod. Dydy Clawdd Offa ddim wal carchar!

Anonymous said...

I'm sure this lad from Surrey is very good in his own way, Glyn, but one of my main problems with Lembit is his status as a carpet bagger: before being selected to represent us, the only Montgomery he had heard of was the Field Marshall. In order for your party to win, they need to capitallise on Lembit's weakinesses (thirty page booklet available on request) and therefore the candidate must be local. You mentioned the Primary: may I vote without signing up to the Party? (My status as a professional mickey-taker would be compromised by joining any party.) All best wishes, Myfanwy

paul said...

I suppose he is a bit different

In what way is he "a bit different"?

Glyn Davies said...

Myfanwy - anyone who has a vote is eligible. All they have to sign is a form to say they have a vote in Montgomeryshire. I would expect people who support all parties to come. I know that some are doing so.

You wouldhave to meet Phill to know what I mean. Some things cannot be put in writing

Savonarola said...

Good luck Glyn. I am watching you, pen and cheque book at the ready.

Anonymous said...

You wouldhave to meet Phill to know what I mean. Some things cannot be put in writing

I'm really intrigued now! Please try your ebst to put it in writing!

Anonymous said...

Darren has made a smart move here. My opinion of the boy Darren rises every time I meet him - and I don't give a stuff what Alun Pugh used to say about him.

Daran is someone you can laugh with. Alun Pugh is someone that you laugh at.

oscar said...

Happy clappy Millar!!

Alwyn ap Huw said...

Rwy'n ymddiheuro Glyn, nid bod yn angharedig i ti yn bersonol oedd fy mwriad ond tynnu sylw at agwedd sydd gan rhai pobl tuag at y Blaid Geidwadol, ac yn anffodus sydd gan rhai o bobl sydd yn aelodau o'r Blaid Geidwadol tuag at ddewis ymgeisydd seneddol.

Yr wyf wedi pleidleisio dros Emlyn Hooson, Geraint Howells, Dafydd Elis a Dafydd Wigley yn fy nydd. local hicks pob un, ond aelodau etholaethol da dros ben.

Blue Horizon said...

Phill must have very special qualifications, or else be desperate. Why would anyone want to work for someone with extreme fundamentalist religious views - matched only by his homophobia? Darren Millar has got away with it so far, but his views are unacceptable and can only damage the cause of the Welsh Conservatives.

cleckanndra said...

"Two most asked questions since I lost my seat in the National Assembly have been....."

I' have just added a third (as a comment to your metaphoric posting, above, about the jockeying for positions in the Assembly Cabinet).

Phill can look after himself.

The Assembly can't.

Four-fifths of those sitting in their fat saddles in the Assembly
don't know their orses from their elbows.

A more important question [than the two you raise about the time since you lost your seat in the Assembly] is this: why have you given up the race to get back in to the Assembly.

I am no Toady and I am no Tory so you can believe it when I say that your were one of the few politicians of any quality or real professionalism in the Assembly.

You've got your horse facing in the wrong direction, Glyn.

Forget Westminster, get back into the race for an Assembly seat.

As I say this has got nothing to do with party--politicking. I'm talking here about what is good/bad for Wales.

Glyn Davies said...

Blue Horizon - I just speak as I find - and I find no homophobia or excessive religous zeal in any of my dealings with Darren. He just seems to be a committed family man who wants the National Assembly to be a success.