Friday, July 27, 2007

Maybe October after all.

I have been totally unconvinced thus far, that there is the slightest chance of Gordon Brown calling a General Election in October. I have been convinced that he plans to go in Spring 2009, with the outside possibility of it being Spring 2008. But today's Telegraph is shaking my certainty - big time. A Yougov poll has Labour 9 points clear of us - and there are other unfavourable percentages as well. If this sort of thing carries on until September, the Prime Minister will inevitably be tempted. I would. It may be his best chance of winning an election in his own right.

In the meantime, I just hope that Oscar, the cat which can sense when patients at a nursing home are about to die, doesn't think about moving into Tory Party HQ. Oscar has been winning rave headlines today. So far he has cuddled up to 25 residents in a residential home - and they all died within 4 hours. This sounds very sinister to me. I think that Oscar should be put under surveillance.

In fact, I believe (without evidence I grant) that by September, we will be back on level terms with Labour - and pull away next year. The question in my mind is whether we can pull away enough to win a good working majority. But just in case, I will be planning my election campaign strategy over the next few weeks. It could just be October after all.


Dylan Jones-Evans said...

Three words really - pensions, higher taxes, and the decline in public services.

I cannot believe that experienced attack hounds such as Andy Coulson does not have a strategy to go after GB on these areas over the next few months.

Read Mathew Parris' comments in the Times today - very enlightening - and I agree with you that the gap will close again in the next few weeks.

Glyn Davies said...

Good piece by Charles Moore in theTelegraph as well. Its the pensions issue that should do for him. That was down to G brown and no-one else.

Anonymous said...

Do plan your strategy asap Glyn because this is a winnable seat. The Welsh Tories MUST realise that it's there for the taking.....I have voted Liberal all my life but, along with others, will give you my vote this time round. The anti Lembit Opik feeling here is very strong and the unsavoury stories about his exploits defy belief. Go for it Glyn!

Left Field said...

If you're not ahead by September, would you mind if I mercilessly mock you ? :)

Anonymous said...

just back from the pub in Welshpool where everyone's talking about that dirty old goat Lembit and the fact he's moved both Cheeky Girls into his house in Newtown. Don't worry Glyn, Lembit's doing enough damage all by himself for you to win this seat. Forget strategies....!

Glyn Davies said...

I don't want to define myself as 'not Lembit'. He does things his way. I want to do things my way. And the basis of it must be working diligently for Montgomeryshire people. I have a meeting of the party on Tuesday to decide how to set about this. I accept that my strategy will attract less publicity that non-stop publicity stunts. We will have to see how well it works.

Permission to mock granted.