Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Brown Rain.

A few weeks days, a bishop (I think) in the North-East of England informed his congregation that the current spell of inclement weather was down to the sinful way by which we live our lives. Most people thought it was another 'Bishop of Southwark' incident - or that he was completely barking. I don't think he was any more so that those who think its all the result of climate change. Its just been a very wet summer. Personally, I do think the reason could possibly be some thing to do with Gordon Brown. Every day since he was 'installed' as our Prime Minister, its rained. Now, that's a very clear message from on high. So 'if you want to see the sun, ditch Brown'.

Despite the deluge, I went to the Royal Welsh Show yesterday. Not everyone who set off actually made it. Quite a few turned around as soon as they hit the queues and went home. My good fortune - because it elevated me, alongside current MEPs and fellow Westminster hopefuls, Jonathon Evans and Neil Parrish into the 'touring' Conservative representation. Just like old times.

There was a pork barrel of politicians there. Ministers everywhere. Elin Jones, smiling because she has been spared the responsibility for passing final sentence on Shambo - which the Court of Appeal did for her. She was wearing a bright orange mac. To begin with, I thought she was a traffic marshall who'd had enough abuse out on the roads and come onto the show for relief. And then there was Rhodri Glyn Thomas, in full strut - looking every inch an important person. I sympathise with the civil servant charged with keeping an eye on him. Possibly the most testing job in Welsh politics. Must say 'the duchess' really looked the part of the 'countrywoman'. You could tell she used to work on a farm. I think she's going to do ok. And Jane Hutt, who reminded me that she's now education'. Its a job to keep up. And I spotted the Deputy First Minister around and about as well, just keeping an eye on things.

All in all, it was the 'Farmer's Glastonbury' - so much rain and mud everywhere. I'm back to the show today - mainly because I have invited all CPRW members to a 'Meet the President' event. As I set off the sun has come out. Must check if Gordon Brown is still the Prime Minister.


Left Field said...

Apparently, it has also rained since Rhianna's "Umbrella" got to number 1. Spooky, ehh ?

Christopher Glamorgan said...

...and since Shambo has been on death row. This could mean that we all need to change religion?

Glyn Davies said...

and since I put myself forward for selection as well I suppose.

Normal Mouth said...


Congratulations on your selection.

I do a weekly profile of political bloggers on my site (http://normalmouth.blogspot.com) and I'd really like you to take part.

If you're interested in taking part please email me at normalmouth@yahoo.co.uk



Bwganbrain said...

Glyn, is this your way of saying that some things were better with Tony Blair in charge :)

Anonymous said...

since I bought new wellies

Glyn Davies said...

Christopher - now that Shambo has gone (or will have by tonight) perhaps it will stop raining!

bwganbrain - Tony Blair hasn't been 'in charge' for years. Brown was 'in charge' and is now presenting himself as 'new'. Don't blame him for getting away with it. Just blame those who believe it.