Monday, July 30, 2007

Dakshina and Bhakti

Regrettably, the bovine Tb problems at the Hindu temple at Skanda Vale look set to continue. Today's Telegraph reports that an 8 month old water buffalo named Dakshini and a friesian bull named Bhakti have tested positive. Same problem as Shambo. It will have to be the same result. I hope the responsible Minister, Elin Jones is contactable on her 4 week holiday in New Zealand so that she can be kept in touch with the developing situation. The decisions are straightforward - but highly sensitive as well.

The integrity of reporting by the BBC has been much in the news recently. I just make this comparison. When Shambo was taken from his temple, it was reported that he was being taken to a 'slaughter wagon'. In fact, he was being taken to an Ivor Williams landrover trailer, which then transferred Shambo to an abattoir, where he was put down. When a whale which had lost its way and became beached on the East coast of England, and had to be put down, it was reported that it was 'put to sleep'. Prejudicial use of words or what.


daisy said...

If we are to see round two at Skanda Vale then the Ministry and the agriculture lobby will need to present a more convincing case. Round one was clearly won by the Hindus despite Shambo's demise. The BBC's biased and sentimental reporting was a reflection of general public feeling on the matter.
Next time it will take more than statements from angry farmers to convince me that there really is no alternative to killing these animals.
If authority must rely on the police force to implement agricultural policy then the public must support that policy otherwise the law is an ass or in this case a Shambols.

Glyn Davies said...

Daisy - I suspect that a majority of people think as you do. I was quite shocked that my wife and son say the same sort of thing, having changed their minds after seeing cuddly pictures of Shambo ontheir TV screens.

But I cannot agree. If our Government has a strategy of slaughtering every bovine animal which tests positive (which has meant around 25,000 per year for many years now, often causing heartbreak and devastation for owners, it cannot be right that the Hindu's of Skanda Vale shouldn't be subject to the same laws.

daisy said...

A minor correction - I did not change my mind 'after seeing cuddly pictures of Shambo.' It was Brinle Williams what done it for me. That and the attitude among farmers that says - we are right and the rest of you are wrong and there is no alternative.

Anonymous said...

I must admit, you can clearly see the points of farmers, many of whom who have had a raw deal in recent decades.

Brynle represented the view of the vast majority of an industry - so less personal attacks please - we live in a society where equality is key so who is discriminated against? Hindu's or Farmers?

This industry that is a key part of the food chain. Not to forget there were concerns relating to humans that can result from bovine TB.

Glyn Davies said...

Daisy - it isn't the farmers who condemned Shambo - it was the Government. As it happens Brynle supports the Government - as does every other political party as far as I know.. None of us are sure of the best wat to deal with this disease but there cannot be one rule for Skanda Vale and another rule for everyone else.

Miliast said...

It is interesting to observe where, when and in whose interests Brynle Williams chooses to invoke the rule of law. Nonetheless, I agree with your distate for euphemisms: it was unfortunately necessary to slaughter/kill Shambo. The terms 'put to sleep' and 'put down' are sentimental tissues.

Glyn Davies said...

miliast - this blog has a policy (decided on by me) that will not hear a word of criticism of my mate Brynle Williams.