Friday, June 29, 2007

Westminster for a change

This blog has been sucked into the almost incredible shenanigans at the National Assembly for Wales. Today's reports of Labour playing dirty tricks on Labour is too much for me. Its driving me insane. So I lift my gaze towards Westminster, where the great Brown steamroller is flattening all before it. And I start with fellow blogger Iain Dale in today's Telegraph talking Tory reshuffle. After reading it , I feel an overwhelming sense of sadness.

Iain predicts the demise of individuals that I like and respect if there were to be reshuffle. I would be very disappointed to see Francis Maude moved out of his job as Chairman. I first met Francis some 1o years ago when he totally demolished Charles Kennedy in a debate about the UK joining the Euro. Not saying much I suppose - but for me it was the start of a respect that has grown. Anyway, he has been a wonderful lightening conductor for our young redeemer. David Cameron would miss him.

Two others that I liked a lot on first meeting were Hugo Squire and Peter Ainsworth, both of whom Iain thinks might be for the chop. Hope he's wrong here. And personally, I don't want to see Boris in the Shadow Cabinet. He would probably be required to tone down his writing - and I couldn't do without the weekly fix that his Telegraph column gives me. The highlight of Iain's predictions are promotion for Caroline Spelman and Julie Kirkbride.

Personally I hope that David Cameron doesn't reshuffle for a while. It will look as if Brown is controlling the agenda. The new Prime Minister has started with such a flurry of activity that no-one would notice a Tory reshuffle anyway - unless of course, Boris were to be brought in. Come to think of it, putting Boris in the Shadow Cabinet the day Quentin Davies defected wouldn't have been a bad idea.

I add a personal word in favour of Shrewsbury MP, Daniel Kawszinski, if there is a reshuffle. This blogger has never seen such a superb ambassador for the party in terms of communication skills based on old fashioned charm. Time he was on the ladder, in my opinion.

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Anonymous said...

kirkbride and spelman will increase the glamour level in the tory team