Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Powys Priorities

I hear that Powys County Council are close to appointing a new £50,000 communications director - in other words, a new 'super spin doctor'. That's £50,000 of our money, to employ someone to tell us that our Council Tax is being wisely spent! Anyway, I hear that there were lots of applicants and a short list has been drawn up. Perhaps they'll appoint whoever's doing 'media' for the Powys Health Board. New policy would be 'if its embarrassing, tell them nought'. The Council wouldn't have to pay so much for someone whose policy is to say nothing.

They ought to have tried to poach Carl Yapp from the BBC. I'm sure he's not on £50,000 - and they might find out who the secret 'whistle blower' was that the Council spent lots of our cash on a few months ago, trying to de-cloak. I wonder if the Council's current top media man, John Evans is in the frame. I've always thought him a decent enough 'spin doctor'. Anyway, I hope the first press release is about Council priorities.


Anonymous said...

it obviosu that the focus of your campaign is bashing the local council.

highly origianl.

Glyn Davies said...

anon - there's a difference between 'bashing' and some 'rather gentle p***taking'. For what its worth, I think of myself as being rather supportive of the County Council. And at present, I'm not involved in any campaign.

Anonymous said...

Glyn. With your excellent communications to us humble constituents via your blog, perhaps you should put yourself forward for this post?

Glyn Davies said...

Don't think the County Council would employ me if I paid them £50,000