Saturday, June 09, 2007

Smooth Transfer of Power

I can just see now. Tuesday morning. Rhodri Morgan shambles into a Cabinet meeting and settles into his chair. "Shove over, Carl. How much bl**** room do you want. You're not a real member. You're only here as a sop to the gogs - and mine's with 'two sugars and a splash of milk". The First Minister falls silent and a look of distant contentment envelopes his being. He looks around his team and starts to speak - slowly, measuring every word as if he was arranging delphiniums. He has a copy of yesterday's Western Mail, open on the table.

"I've been reading Lembit Opik's comments. I accept the sense of what he advises. I've worked hard as your First Minister for 7 years. I've been worried about the arithmetic since May 3rd. I think we should just give up and hand our ministerial car keys over to Ieuan, Mike and the Tories. I should be given 'the option to retire with dignity'". Rhodri leaned back and a wistful smile crossed his face. "Oh, I do like the sound of that".

Lembit says that the other parties will 'cut me some slack to go gracefully'. I really like the feel of this. I have come to the conclusion, for the well-being of Wales, for my people, that we should work to create a 'smooth transfer of power' to a Rainbow Coalition. We should ensure that Nick Bourne becomes Deputy First Minister with the minimum of fuss. Carwyn, Andrew, why are you smiling? Don't worry Jane - you won't have to pronounce the death sentence on Shambo now. Why have you turned purple, Leighton? Where are you going Huw? I wonder why he slammed the door. Where the h***'s that tea Carl".

And all the Cabinet rose up (except ex-Deputy Minister, Huw Lewis who was still in the lavatory) and cried out as one "Hail Rhodri, the 'Great Leader'. You are so wise. Let us be done with office and embrace political oblivion. Onwards to a 'smooth transfer of power'. Long live the Queen".

Don't you just love the Lib Dems. Reminds me of the first time I reached the final of the Montgomeryshire Open Squash Championship. Bit cocky and said to Mungo Munro, my opponent and good friend. "Now, look here Mungo. I'm a better player than you. Why don't you just feign an injury and hand me the title without having to go through the public humiliation of defeat?" I thought it might hit his confidence. Trouble was, it gave him the desire he needed to win. I won the title the next year though.


Ellee said...

What a great blog your write, and I have seen a few other AMs do also from your blogroll who I shall check out.

I am currently studying for a PR postgraduate diploma and have chosen to write a research paper on MPs blogging. I would be very grateful if you would complete a survey I will be issuing shortly, would that be ok?

Anonymous said...

Hehe. Take a look at Wallace and Lembit.

Anonymous said...

so you think that shambo is doomed do you. all the other parties have called for his execution

Glyn Davies said...

ellee - I'm not an MP but you can email me on

and anon - Yes, Shambo is doomed

urs said...

have a look at that or go to and follow the link to the interview, where you will see David Taylor examining Shambo. He is a world renowned vet who established the “International zoo veterinary group”. He confirms that the skin test that rendered Shambo bTb positive is subjective and open to errors, that more accurate diagnostics exist. Also that Shambo is in perfect condition, and if in the unlikely event that he has bTb, yes he can be treated. The health hazard to animals and humans is confirmed to be, ”less than zero”
I find it very hard to understand that “intelligent” professionals continue to reiterate this absurd policy.