Sunday, June 03, 2007

Unintended Consequences

So the Government is going to ban private golf clubs from placing any restrictions on female players (today's Sunday Telegraph). I have to say that these limits on when female golfers can play and where in the clubhouse they can go have always seemed very 19th century to me. I just can't understand what drives men to want a female free environment. My only concern about this new law is the unintended consequences. Such as - for example.

It was a steamy hot day. The exhausted fourball had staggered onto the 18th green, which was located just under the clubhouse terrace, where some rather refined ladies were taking tea in bone china cups, relaxing after an earlier round. The fourball were a bit on the yobbish side - but when one of them missed a two footer to lose the match, he exploded into stream of profanity which made the china tea cups rattle. The rather refined ladies, not unreasonably complained to 'The Committee'. A special meeting was called to consider the complaint - and after careful consideration, came to the only logical conclusion. Henceforth, ladies were banned from the terrace.

Since the new rules only apply to mixed clubs, I wonder how many clubs will now ban women members altogether!


Cllr. John Jenkins said...

Well this Government is adept at drafting stupid and illiberal legislation. The shame is that the Tories are equally adept at supporting a lot of it.

Penddu said...

But isnt this the original meaning of Golf - Gentlemen Only Ladies Forbidden...????

Anonymous said...

Theres a e-petition to keep the 10p tax band,this is something that is going to effect a lot of people on low income.if you have a moment please could you sign it.

The reality of New Labour.

Anonymous said...

Golf is derived from the Scottish 'Gowf'. The Gentlemen Only Ladies Forbidden acronym idea is from the same lazy complacent lefty school of thought that produced the impossibly poorly thought out hunting ban and the Welsh Labour Party.

Penddu said...

GOWF - Gentelemen Only Women Forbidden???

What is your point???